Day 26 Slice of Life – Herbal Tea

Why am I writing about herbal tea? It’s getting late, and I don’t have an idea.

It’s bedtime, and I have more work to do before I sleep. (How can I still be so busy!?)

I made myself a cup of tea, and it reminded me of how much my tastes have changed in the last seven years. Before, I very rarely drank herbal tea. Now, it has become a habit. Lately I’ve been using sage and hibiscus for herbal tea.

Who would have thought that sage would be used for more than Thanksgiving dressing? Here I am drinking it as a tea.

A jar of sage from Jordan, given to me by a friend. Hibiscus flowers from the local grocery store.
The bottom of the cup always looks interesting. I wonder what these tea leaves say?

12 thoughts on “Day 26 Slice of Life – Herbal Tea

  1. I feel like this is going to be me tonight. I just don’t have an idea for tomorrow’s post! Maybe I’ll go grab some tea and it will inspire me!

  2. I was so excited to read your slice. I had a similar day – too tired to write a proper slice and included a cup of peppermint tea in my writing. I hope you get a good night sleep.

  3. I’ve thought about writing about tea. I have a special cup I bought in China last year and still have lots of tea to drink. I’ve been drinking rose tea lately. All this is to say I think herbal tea is a lovely idea for a post. Now I have new tea to try.

  4. I am not a hot tea drinker, but after reading about this and Terje’s peppermint tea, I may just change my mind. Slices can appear anywhere…even in tea leaves!

    1. Thanks, Leigh Anne. Before I moved to Bahrain, I had never really drunk and enjoyed a cup of tea. Now, I woke up this morning to a pot of pumpkin spice latte black tea made by my husband. I am totally hooked now.

  5. Tiredness seems to be a theme these days. Why not herbal tea as writing inspiration. Paying attention to the small things–that’s a writing prompt in itself.

  6. How delightful, making your own herbal tea! I do like herbal tea but have never tried making my own. It looks lovely!

    1. Thank you, Celia. I think there is nothing to it. Like you I had never tried it, but it’s quite simply putting some leaves or flowers in your cup and pouring on water!

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