Clean Towel Wednesday and Alphabetizing the Spices

My husband just came in and excitedly said, “I’ve changed the towels tonight.”

No response while I hovered over my computer.

“You know tomorrow is Clean Towel Wednesday, right?”

Oh, that’s right. We celebrate different holidays these days.

I had my own moment today, as well.

“I’m going to alphabetize the spice cabinet,” I announced after dinner.

And that’s what I did.

We have too much time on our hands.

This is only about half of the spice jars
Yes, I did start the alphabet at the bottom because all our favorites start with C. (My husband insists the peanut butter stays here too!)

6 thoughts on “Clean Towel Wednesday and Alphabetizing the Spices

  1. How funny! We do have to look a little harder these days to have something to celebrate. It is amazing how much the little things give us such joy now.

  2. Does he consider peanut butter a spice? I would never bother to alphabetize my spices because I know my husband wouldn’t be able to keep with the scheme. I do envy the cupboard though!

    1. Good question. I am not sure he considers it a spice, as much as it has been a marriage-long habit of keeping it close and convenient. He is a peanut butter guy, so he probably didn’t want to switch his habit of going right there to get it.He did let me move it up a shelf though.

      Really, who knows if I will even be able to keep up with this scheme! It’s part of my #geniushourathome project with my students! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love it! I hear that some teachers (who teach at private schools here in the U.S.) are having classes all day online with their students – especially at the High School level. I don’t know if my back or my head could do that. We have always had “clean sheet Mondays,” and “clean towel Tuesday and Fridays.” đŸ˜‰

    1. Joy, that is crazy, isn’t it? I think spending too much time on line is not good for teachers or students. One of my best lessons this week was spending an hour on the phone with a little guy who was getting lost in his assignments. We caught up in a big way in just one hour. I was his transcriber, and he told me to written assignments. I wrote down his words, and now he is ready to go to the next step with our genius hour project.

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