Inktober / Poemtober Small Poems, Week 4+

This week I decided to double my random poetry process. I went to a favorite inspiration post: “141 Ways to Play, Process, Stretch, Express, Disrupt Words and Form” and chose #23-31, without previewing them. Each day I attempted the linked prompts (below) and then also included the Inktober word of the day.

23 October, Saturday

Your surprise party today
did not leak, so you were blessed
with laughter and memories

24 October, Sunday

I am a mending people-pleaser
I don’t mind being an appeaser
but my own wishes are indistinct
May my imprecision become extinct

25 October, Monday – The word was splat, and I wrote about it for Tuesday’s Slice of Life Challenge at this link.

26 October, Tuesday

I miss you and can’t wait to
see you. In the meantime, your
painting helps connect us.

27 October, Wednesday

On her deathbed, my mom
got up again.
With a welcome spark,
she lived longer–
in her wheelchair,
at the dinner table,
with her kids all around.

Later, she said,
“I think it’s time for bed.
The wine’s made me a little tipsy.”

“Good night, Mama.
See you in the morning.”

28 October, Thursday

We’re here!
On the way over,
we made a plan for the day.
First, we’ll build pyramids.
Later we’ll have a pan band.
When it’s lunch time, Coconut
wants to eat crispy carrots.
(He can’t really eat, but I’ll eat them.)
You said we can have pancakes.
May I make my own pirate?
We have to build a zoo
with habitats for all the animals.
Then we’ll decorate gingerbread,
do the Makey Makey piano,
build a tower with the straws
and those yellow connectors.
If our dad comes too soon,
we’ll save some for next week.

29 October, Friday (A life memory, yes, but not from high school.) 

My mom had worried
when she saw her newborn
with a patch on her eye,
a port wine stain birthmark
I’ve hardly noticed.

30 October, Saturday

That approaching rattler isn’t a worry; it can’t bite and slither
at the same time. My coffee isn’t finished, but I guess I’ll
make a move. Wouldn’t want to find out if his opinion differs.

31 October, Sunday

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
By Gabriel Garcia Marquez
A Summary Poem

Too much rain, crabs flooding into the courtyard,
A very old man with enormous wings appears in the mud,
And the new baby has been feverish for days.

Neighbors say the man is an angel coming for the child.
The priest thinks he’s a faker, just a carnival trickster,
But pilgrims come to pay five cents each to get a view.

A woman turned into a spider comes to town, so
Everyone loses interest in the old man angel.
The spider woman is a better storyteller.

The angel continues to live in the chicken coop
Until the hen house collapses, and the angel wanders
like a stray man, here and there, barely staying alive.

Years later, after a vulnerable winter, miraculously
his health improves, and his wings repair.
The angel flaps them clumsily, takes a risk and flies away.

Today is Poetry Friday, and Linda Baie at Teacher Dance, has the round up. She has written two sweet Halloween poems at her “Poetry Friday – Costumes Welcome!” post.

14 thoughts on “Inktober / Poemtober Small Poems, Week 4+

  1. Denise, you inspired me to try some of the Inktober prompts. You have a variety of creative ideas in this post from Port Wine Stain to the word connect poem with the gorgeous drawing. I look forward to Spiritual Journey Thursday. I just need to find the time for writing amidst so many important tasks to do.

  2. Wow, you’ve written about so many life topics, Denise. Well done! I like that “mending people-pleaser” & the one (I guess) in the grandchild’s voice. My granddaughters & I make those plans in the car on the way to my house, too! Love it!

  3. These are wonderful, Denise. My favorite is the one that begins “We’re here!” I love the list of plans the child makes for the day!

  4. What an ambitious approach to the challenges. I especially enjoy Sunday’s people-pleaser.

  5. I enjoyed these. It’s like you drew the curtain aside for us to catch quick glimpses into your day. (Though you, too, were distracted by those kids at play, and lingered longer.) Also – what precious memories of last moments with your Mama.

  6. What treasures these are! The poem about your mama was lovely and touching. “I’ve hardly noticed it” is a great ending. Your inventive mixing of prompts is working out well 🙂

  7. Write on! The challenge is bringing out lots of memories, emotions, and observations.

  8. Those are wonderful, Denise. I was wondering what the Splat would lead to, and that poem is plaintive & so evocative of this year. I know that many children in the school system where I volunteer are having a hard time. “Behavioral incidents” have increased. The class I read to is pretty well-covered with an experienced teacher, a paraprofessional, and a student teacher, but others are not so fortunate.

  9. Denise, you are on a roll! I like the “spark” poem best; the photo is wonderful but it’s the dialogue and the not-quite-certain sequence that intrigues me. Thank you!

  10. Denise you have continued to rise to the challenge with poems of differing length and writing of different forms. It shows your writing energy and inspiration at this time. It is no doubt satisfying to you and quite impressive for us, your readers. Their is introspection, reflection and memory mingling across your words. Well done you!

  11. What a rich, diverse collection of poems you’ve created! I love how you’ve combined two different sets of prompts as your inspiration. The rattlesnake poem made me nervous! and I loved the “crispy” poem – what a busy day your visitor had!

  12. Congrats on finishing #inktober and #poemtober. I especially love the rattler one having seen my first one in the wild in September.

  13. Denise, this is wonderful–I especially love the Oct 27th and 29th ones. Congrats on finishing out the challenge!

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