I Have a New Grandson

TwoWritingTeachers.org for 26 July 2022

They Covid-dodged for two and a half years,
and waited for vaccines before getting pregnant.
They vaccinated, remained cautious,
but somehow Dad contracted Covid
the day before Mom’s water broke.
I was the second-string support person
ready and on-call at 2:00 a.m.
I drove my daughter to the hospital,
where our room was designated a Covid
isolation room. Of course, we thought
we were fated to get it too, since we were altogether
several times before we knew he was infected.

After 36 hours of making labor a career,
my daughter dilated enough to start pushing.
I was juggling my duties as cheerleader,
Zoom meeting computer holder for Dad,
and chief (actually, only) photographer…
all at the same time.

But when that sweet baby boy,
firstborn of my firstborn,
and my very first grandchild,
entered the room, I stopped in awe.
Just like that, a whole other person
came into the world,
a new personality, I knew our lives
would be forever enhanced
having known him.

Because it was an isolation room,
I wasn’t able to leave (or if I did, I wouldn’t
be allowed to return). However, we didn’t figure out
that directive until I had gone out and come back in
with a celebratory McDonald’s meal.

We stayed in the hospital for two more nights
with the baby because he had jaundice.
His dad came to the hospital and met his son
through the window. It was a bittersweet honor
for me to get to spend so much time
with my daughter and their baby in those first days.
Who cares that I wore the same clothes from Tuesday 2 a.m. until
Friday at 7 p.m.? At least I had packed a toothbrush.

Maria tested negative for Covid a couple more times,
and we kept our fingers crossed.
After we got home, Dad kept isolating.
We would bring meals to his room.

When the baby was four days old, I took Maria
to the hospital to rule out high blood pressure
because of her bad headache.
While we were there, they said her BP
was fine, but we needed to do
a Covid test because headache was a common symptom
of the new variant. We sat in the exam room,
wondering, knowing it was still very possible.

Praise God, the test was negative, as our future tests
continued to be. We managed to avoid it again.
This sweet baby’s dad got to join him in just a few days,
a wonderful encounter of joy and awe.

Now, he is healthy and growing and over a month old!

Our sweet little jaundiced baby talking to me while we waited for his mom’s Covid test results.

8 thoughts on “I Have a New Grandson

  1. Oh, Denise! This is such a joyous post! Enjoy your new role as Grandma! You will be wonderful and that is one lucky little baby boy!

  2. What wonderful news! Welcome to your grandson! And my heart goes out to his father, watching him from a distance as he came into the world. Thank goodness you were on backup duty. May this family remain close for years to come!

  3. Congratulations, Denise. What a gift to be present at the birth of your grandson. I’m thrilled he’s healthy and the Covid scare passed quickly. I know you’re going to dote on and spoil with books that wee one.

  4. Ooof, what a stressful entry into the world. It is so great that you were able to be there to help out in such a special way. Congratulations to all! Enjoy your new role!

  5. Denise, congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Your grandson is precious. As the chief (only) cheerleader and photographer, you shared a vital role in the baby’s birth. Awe is the right word May the Lord shed His blessings upon the whole family.

  6. Welcome, welcome, little baby boy! What a precious post, Denise – thank you for sharing this joy with us, and enjoy the next leg of your journey! xoxo

  7. Congratulations! What an amazing experience to be there for the birth. May you all be healthy and happy!

  8. I was cleaning out my in box and found this wonderful news! Congratulations! So much drama around Covid but I’m glad you were able to be there for your daughter and her new baby. I’m sure it meant a lot to her to have you there. I’ve been at the births of all 3 of my grandchildren. Another is coming in December for my youngest daughter. I hope she will want me to be there.

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