Dining Room Table Renovation

21 February 2023 TwoWritingTeachers.org

My meteorologist husband let me know the weather was going to be good for the first three days of this week–sunny and in the 60’s. Otherwise it has been cold here in the high desert–40-50s, sometimes windy, sometimes cloudy. Brrrrrr.

When we heard the weather report, my sister and I took full advantage of these sweet warm days and started on some of my to-do list projects.  The first was our dining room table. I loved the table top, but I hated the legs. I don’t even have a picture of them, I hated them so much.

So, today we put new legs on the old table top. (Actually, the first job was sanding. So much sanding. And removing the old legs, but that was weeks ago during another warm spell.)

This is where I finished with the table today. I love it so much. On Tuesday, I’ll polyurethane it.

We’re also making two benches for storage and to use at the dining room table. The leaves from the old table will be the lids to a storage compartment and the seats. They are still a work in progress, as you can see.

We have another half day of good weather forecasted. Then the winds pick up and snow is coming Tuesday night. We’re starting early this morning. Will we finish?



6 thoughts on “Dining Room Table Renovation

  1. WOW!! So fun to see this project. I laughed as you described the old table legs! “I don’t even have a picture of them, I hated them so much.” I predict you will write about some small moments spent around this lovely table in the future. So beautiful!!

  2. Denise, I’m so impressed by your dream to breathe new life into your house and home furnishings. I’ve been following your journey and it looks better and better each time you share an update!

  3. I see why you love your table and are putting the work in to transform it. And how resourceful to make a storage bench using the leaves. But what I like most about your piece is the weather and climate. Your “meteorologist husband” gives you the info you need to guide your work. You shiver at temps that seem mild to me. And your photos show how truly different your dessert home is from my coastal, city home in the trees.
    PS- I know you’ll get it done- determination is the unspoken thread in your piece!

  4. I loved following along with the process. This post feels like a breath of fresh air!

  5. Denise, I love how you show your craftmanship through your photos. I’ve never considered table legs that much, but I do love the very old ones that are like characters from a British play. I’ll take 40 to 50 degree weather any day! Love the look of your blog site. I’m struggling and never can intuitively figure out things. I try to follow tutorials, but I just haven’t had time to learn.

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