Slice of Life – A Berry Sundae and an Arnold Palmer

April 24, 2023

We went to Sam’s Club today. It was the first time we had been there because we had a coupon for a $10 membership.  We found quite a few things that were on our grocery list. Then instead of buying sparkling water, which I like to have at home, we bought a Terra Sodastream, which was on sale for $51. It’s pretty slick and makes very bubbly water, and now I won’t buy sparkling water in aluminum cans anymore. Next, at the Sam’s Café, I ate a frozen yogurt berry sundae. Delicious!

Then we went to Starbuck’s for my husband to get a coffee. I wasn’t going to have anything (because of that sundae). While we were there waiting for Keith’s coffee, the barista asked him what his drink was. They seemed to have lost/missed his order. Then before the barista started making his coffee, he asked Keith if he wanted the iced tea that was sitting there. Keith asked him why–it was a venti Arnold Palmer, half lemonade and half black tea. He explained they had accidentally made two. Keith, who knows me and how that is one of my favorite drinks, said yes he would like it. It seemed ordained. Even though I didn’t need it, it was delicious!


16 thoughts on “Slice of Life – A Berry Sundae and an Arnold Palmer

  1. It sounds like the universe was in line for you yesterday! I have never tried a sodastream. How do you like it? cheers!

    1. It really is nice, Leigh Anne. It makes club soda, and we add a splash of citrus juice or a slice of lemon. We’ve made 3 liters so far, trying different add ins.

  2. Denise,
    Define culinary intervention is what I call that Arnold Palmer (never heard that drink name before). Waste not. Want not. That’s a motto to live by. Kudos on buying the soda machine and reducing consumption of those cans. I hope you love your new brew. This was a tasty slice, indeed. BTW, we don’t have Sam’s club, so we go to Costco.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. It is not easy reducing consumption in this world of consumerism, is it? That’s one reason I don’t like to go to Costco (and now Sam’s too). There are too many temptations. I try to just buy what’s on my list, but it’s hard. California is good at recycling, but still I know it’s better to reduce and reuse before recycling. So I’m happy to reduce my “need” for aluminum cans.

  3. Ooo I didn’t know you could get an Arnold Palmer at Starbucks. I will have to try one. We drink the Arizona Arnold Palmer all the time. I will have to do a taste comparison!

    1. Yes, it was yummy. I hadn’t ordered it before at Starbuck’s, but if I have a drink besides water in restaurants, I always ask for an Arnold Palmer.

  4. Not only do I love the serendipitous Arnold Palmer sitting there as an extra, needing a purpose, I also love the photo! It’s candid and makes me feel like I’m right there where I can say, “hold up. Let me run in and grab a drink too….be right back!” and then ride off with you! I need a $10 Sam’s Club membership.

    1. Kim, yes, we’ll wait and take it to the park down the street. Palm Springs is already 100 degrees these days, but low humidity and a pleasant breeze make it perfectly perfect sitting in the shade.

  5. Two special treats in one day! Sounds fantastic. You had fun, Denise!

  6. What a lovely special and unexpected treat for your favorite Starbucks drink to be sitting right there waiting for you!

  7. Serendipi-tea! And you deserve it! Also, you have helped me make a decision: I am getting a Terra Stream and saying goodbye to cans. Thanks, as always!

  8. A truly sweet Slice of Life, Denise! My oldest son loves an Arnold Palmer. I have never heard of the Terra Sodastream and am captivated – thanks for sharing this, and hooray for no more aluminum cans!

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