Spiritual Journey Thursday – Grace

Patricia Franz is hosting Spiritual Journey Thursday today. I am here on my phone, with so much joy about the theme of “Life at the Speed of Grace.” We took a little trip to the mountains and just got back from a hike–six miles round trip, but it seems like 12! Now we’re off to eat Mexican food.

I took a beautiful striking line from Patricia’s post to write a Golden Shovel poem about today: “I am learning to live life at the speed of Grace, letting God catch me, surprise me, love me, right where I am.” Thank you, Patricia, for the wonderful inspiration.

I won’t be in such a hurry, because I
am here now in this moment. If I am
learning anything, it is
to be present in this gift of Grace, to
live in Hope today because
life isn’t promised tomorrow. Hiking
at San Jacinto Wilderness today with
the four of us 60-somethings, turtle
speed at times, we were hikers
of sore knees, fall risks, and only
Grace to make it 6 miles up and down,
letting me know to thank
God for tiny big miracles that
catch me off guard. Dazzling
me with no twisted joints, but
surprise and pinecones. Finding
me in
love with life and lizards.
Me, who am I
right here
where God can Grace me?

am a grateful child caught by Grace.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Thursday – Grace

  1. A hike and a poem and a post! You are getting things done. I love how Patricia’s line inspired yours. This is a connected community that feeds my soul.

  2. Denise, your poem exudes so much joy! And I KNOW that same feeling – being 60-something and being offered a day to use our bodies to immerse ourselves in the majesty of creation. What a wonderful day of grace!

  3. What a fun way to respond to our prompt! We all seem to have some element of Nature in our responses–landscapes, animals, water–and you’ve added your circle of people. Approaching sixty here, too, and noticing my natural surroundings more and more…

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