Slice of Life – Ten for Tenderness

September 5, 2023

Last Saturday, I participated in a fun event: The Poetry Marathon. I wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. We were given two optional prompts each hour–a text prompt or a photo. I chose to use one or the other of the prompts each hour. I’m sure I will revisit them, and consider the ones I didn’t try. I posted my Poetry Marathon poems with links to all the prompts here.

Now during the last couple days, I’ve gotten even more inspirational mileage from this event. As I read and comment on poems of other participants, I’m getting more ideas. I modeled this poem for my Slice of Life after a similar one someone wrote. Here’s a taste of my tender week:

Ten for Tenderness

Keith squeezes and says
“I’m holding Denise Reed in
the desert,” then sighs.

I loved meeting sweet,
Blessen LaFleur, written by
Margaret Simon

Amber cuts my hair
the soft touch of scissors and
comb makes me tingle

Lori brings a box
of treasures from the sale, things
she knew I would love

Lotion plumps my skin
with “overnight Retinol
therapy” for dryness

The Hilary storm
helped a tall cactus send a
late bloom for the world

Move the couch in place
Popcorn and movie ready
watching in his arms

Funny joke, Milo!
“Jabber, jabber, jabber,” laughs
like a kookaburra

Three meals lovingly
made Saturday while I wrote
Then he did dishes

Sonny comes running
to get his treat then lies down
for a belly rub

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Ten for Tenderness

  1. Wow! A poetry marathon. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Congratulations. That sounds like a gift that keeps giving (inspiration).

  2. Oh, what an exciting idea! A poetry marathon! I’d love two days of 12 hours…..I have to sleep to be nice, but what a fun way to challenge oneself to write! 24 poems would make a great breakdown of blog posts over a couple of weeks. I love the desert scene in this one, you being squeezed! Will you share them?

  3. I’m also intrigued by your marathon!
    I love your title and idea to collect 10 tender moments. Tender is lovely. My favorite might be Milo bc it is so snazzy and suggestive and fun.

  4. I loved reading all your poetry—nothing silly about them (except maybe when you intended it). I need to read Blessen. Thanks for the recommendation. Your lines about the “tingle” from comb and scissors gave me chills.

  5. Look at Blessen! I’ve missed her. She was so much a part of my life for a while. Makes me smile to see her here in your moments of a day poem. Thanks for sharing. Presence is my mantra these days. Power through with precious moments.

  6. “I wrote 24 poems in 24 hours.” – makes a perfect one line slice. I appreciate that you wrote more. I like your ten tender moments.

  7. I have never heard of a 24 hr poetry marathon! Wow! I adore this so much:

    The Hilary storm
    helped a tall cactus send a
    late bloom for the world

    What a tender, hopeful moment to capture! Thank you, Denise!

  8. Oh my, Denise – I wonder if I could write 24 poems in 24 hours?? An incredibly impressive feat as is the ongoing mileage here in your extended haiku! It flows so well and lyrically…and tenderly. So uplifting. You and Blessen (and Margaret!) are blessings to me 🙂

  9. I could totally use something like this to jump-start my (non-existent) poetry writing. IT’s been a minute since I’ve intentionally crafted poems!

    Thanks for sharing this, Denise! Just lovely!

  10. Amazing to write 24 Poems in 24 Hours! I loved reading them. Then I came back to Ten for Tenderness. .. they truly were tender moments, thanks for sharing.
    (I have Blessen on my Kindle, so I brought it up to reread.)

  11. What a beautiful post. You know, I’ve often thought about capturing moments of joy or gratitude, but I’ve never engaged in looking for moments of tenderness. You’re got me thinking in a new way, Denise. And for that I am incredibly grateful. Thank you!

  12. Your poetry marathon seems to put you in a rapid writing mood, Denise. It reminds me of a fast write but not stretched over a day. I have read several of your posts with the poems and am dazzled by your progress and creativity.

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