Slice of Life – My Week in Black and White

Sept. 19, 2023

I was inspired by Jennifer Floyd’s post last week, “The Colors of My Day,” so I’ve been noticing color. However, today I opted for the beauty of black and white, which I also noticed this week.

My Week in Black and White

Black blanket dances
brilliant lights filling the sky
while Moon waits backstage

first under-blanket
morn of fall; pumpkin spice tea
latte in new mug

 Specialized motor
gives me fresh legs fit to move
through sand, rocks, and time

sitting in love with
feeding birds; this ladderback
comes to sip nectar

Reading in my bed
Prose and poetry good nights
Sweet dreams on the page

On another note:

In March, Sally shared this template that she uses to record her monthly literacy life. I finally tried it for September, but I let it spill back  into the whole summer, since I couldn’t really remember when I finished these books. I’ll need to start listening to some meaningful podcasts and audio books. About that speaking, though, I’m unconvinced.


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life – My Week in Black and White

  1. WOW!! So much I love about your slice today!
    I love how you showed your week via color and poetry.
    I love that I got a shoutout and I love seeing your summer literacy life.
    I just bought The Covenant of Water but have been intimidated by the thickness of it.
    But seeing it on your list, I will not let that stop me from reading it.
    Thnaks for inspiring me today.

  2. I love everything about this post, Denise, from the haikus to the images that support them. (That mug is art!) I missed Sally’s post in March; that’s the dilemma when the community harbors all these creative writers in their daily journey to post, and I’m trying to respond and encourage new—or new-ish—members. I too often miss my favorite “regulars.” Thanks for the Sally shout out! (I can’t manage it, but I dream of a future where maybe?!) “Moon waits backstage” might be my favorite line of the week, always a sucker for personification. And The Covenant of Water? A best book of my year.

  3. Denise,
    You’ve packed so much into this black and white post. I love the sky and the new mug. I think I’m ready for a modern mug like that so I’m gonna be looking this fall. Is that an electric bike? We’ve been chatting about getting electric mountain bikes so I’m interested in how you like yours. I love Sally’s template, but I might be too lazy to record everything!

    1. Yes, it is an electric pedal-assist mountain bike, Glenda. I love it so much, and I highly recommend them for you and Ken. It’s a great way to see a lot of nature and also get a good workout. I did feel like I got new legs when we got these bikes. Now instead of a 2-mile ride through the sand on a regular bike, we can go 15 or 20 miles.

  4. This post was absolutely gorgeous–from the poetry to the photos! They all come together to give a unique perspective on your life.

  5. MY favorite line is “first under-blanket morn of Fall.” At first I wondered if ‘black and white’ would mean a mood or way of thinking. But then I see the literal images that tell us about your time and what you appreciate. Such a nice format. I hope you will reprise it in March so more writers can see it and try it out.

  6. Your black and white week felt colorful! I could almost smell your tea- live that mug! And I would love to see that bird! Over the weekend I was at my brother& sister-in-law’s house on the lake. I was fascinated with hummingbirds who flew between two trees, seeming to dive bomb each other and chirping more loudly than I have ever heard them.

  7. Denise, I’ve never thought of using color as a post inspiration before today — what a great idea! I love your mug, your bird, your Healer of the Water Monster book (I’m thrilled that you will be leading us in the next book group), and I’m inspired to try a box of crayons as a Slice of Life inspiration for March. Thank you for giving this great idea! May I borrow it??? You know I learned to write by writing the words on the crayon covers? I wrote the word red with a red crayon in most of my childhood book front covers. True fact.

    1. How fun that you learned to write by copying the color papers! That is a sweet memory. Of course, you can borrow this idea that wasn’t really my idea anyway! I’ll look forward to see what you do with those crayons!

  8. Denise, what beautiful poetry to go with your photos! I love the black and white theme, too. 🙂

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