Poetry Friday – What’s Up?

Today is Poetry Friday and our host is Anastasia Suen has a delightful small poem about her first sale on the first snow of the season–30 years ago. 

“What’s Up?” by the 4 Non Blondes: Have you heard it?

I heard it, maybe for the first time, yesterday (on my husband’s playlist in the car). I was touched with the line about the “great big hill of hope.” I just want to live on that hill. How about you?

I found this poem in the lyrics.

What’s going on?
Life is still
that great big
hill of hope
I knew
I should
cry sometimes
a deep breath

I try and I pray
oh my God
all the time
for revolution

You might want to take a minute to listen to this catchy song again (or for the first time).

Or listen to Dolly Parton’s cover of the song. (Thank you for sharing that, Tabatha!)