Poetry Friday – What’s Up?

Today is Poetry Friday and our host is Anastasia Suen has a delightful small poem about her first sale on the first snow of the season–30 years ago. 

“What’s Up?” by the 4 Non Blondes: Have you heard it?

I heard it, maybe for the first time, yesterday (on my husband’s playlist in the car). I was touched with the line about the “great big hill of hope.” I just want to live on that hill. How about you?

I found this poem in the lyrics.

What’s going on?
Life is still
that great big
hill of hope
I knew
I should
cry sometimes
a deep breath

I try and I pray
oh my God
all the time
for revolution

You might want to take a minute to listen to this catchy song again (or for the first time).

Or listen to Dolly Parton’s cover of the song. (Thank you for sharing that, Tabatha!)

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – What’s Up?

  1. That is a great song, Denise! I hate to admit it, but your post made me realize that I had never fully paid attention to the lyrics. I had never seen the video either, so I really enjoyed watching it. Your found poem, captures the sentiment of the song perfectly. I like your choice of line breaks for wake/step/take/a deep breath. Thank you for the deeper insight!

  2. I will go with you to that great big hill of hope! Such a great song!

  3. The song is new to me so thanks for yours & Tabatha’s shares, Denise. Ah, I’m glad we have that big hill of hope, wishing for better every day. I love that you ‘found’ a poem in the beautiful lyrics, “for revolution” is the wish!

  4. That is a great phrase, ‘great big hill of hope.’ It makes me smile.

  5. Love this, Denise. Lyrics are my favorite thing about music. Lately, I’ve been writing more poems for grown-ups, and I have the thought of making them close to song lyrics a lot as I write. (Not that I’m successful!) I don’t know this song–thanks for sharing it.

  6. Thanks for this, Denise! Song lyrics can be so inspiring, and you found just the right ones.

  7. Yes to the hill of hope and all the other powerful lyrics you found. I want to bring songs into my classroom so that my students can find poems and hear songs in a new way.

  8. I’m up for that scream to the Universe — WHAT’S GOING ON???
    Great song. Thanks for the “great big hill of hope.” Sometimes it feels like a mountain, but together, we’ll keep going up and up.

  9. I love this post! The Dolly cover was fabulous, too. It’s Saturday morning and this music woke me up! I’m waiting for that revolution.

  10. I know it well, and also had not fully taken in the lyrics. Thanks, Denise. I feel like there should have been more hits for this group, maybe.

  11. This is so great! I’ve always loved this song, but like Tracey & others, had never spent real time with the lyrics – and, I didn’t know Dolly had covered it either! (Thanks, Tabatha.) Your poem and these links have helped us all slow down to appreciate it – thanks! PS – my anti-spam words are “sparks to” – which I love.

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