Slice of Life 28 – The Coaster and Margherita #sol24

28 March 2024

Today we took the Coaster train to San Diego. When we got to the station, we realized the next train would be coming in a little less than two hours. (Hmmm…why can’t we do better research?) Anyway, while we waited, we got some coffee/tea and I sat and read and commented on some Slices. We then rode the train, got off at the last station, and spent time walking around downtown and near the harbor.

We decided to go to Old Town for lunch, but when we came back to the station, the next train was leaving again in two hours. What? So as we talked to a policeman nearby, he recommended Little Italy and told us how to get to there, which was quite close. We decided on Isola Pizza & Pasta. Keith ordered a gnocchi dinner, and I ordered from the happy hour menu, a salad ($5) and margherita pizza ($7), thinking a $7 pizza would be a slice or a personal pan size. Instead it was the same size as all their pizzas, probably 12-inch. I was thrilled because: PIZZA! And it turned out to be the best margherita pizza I’ve ever had. Keith ate the crust of one piece, otherwise, I ate the whole thing. (It turns out Isola’s might be known for their happy hour margheritas because every other table in the restaurant seemed to be getting the same pizza delivered to them.)

Here are a few photos from our day:

One of the lagoons we rode by on the train
Tilework at the Santa Fe Station in San Diego
U.S.S. Midway, former navy aircraft carrier, is now a museum in San Diego harbor. It seemed weird to see people eating lunch on the deck of a war ship.
One of Hanna’s Murals at Seaport Village
I loved this colorful building on India Street in San Diego.
Keith gave me a red rose again. (I had to leave it on the table at the restaurant, though.)
Yes, please, I WILL eat a whole margherita pizza, thank you very much.
The first three art pieces are at Seaport Village. The fourth is ‘Pacific Soul’ by Jaume Plensa.

A pizza for me

Every chewy and charred bite

screamed delight