Breathe Out the Stress Breathe In the Peace

Today’s Slice of Life at

Brokenness and heartbreak, loss of job
Bickering teachers overwhelmed
Safety protocol mistakes
Covid deaths and counting
White House renegade
Friend triangles
Knotted neck
Breathe out
Breathe in
Peace and hope
Healthy dinner
Thanksgiving (really)
Strolling along the shore
Cooperating with Truth
Foaming bubble bath to my neck
Leaning on the everlasting arms

That nonet duo I wrote today for Ethical ELA captured my day, unfortunately minus a lot of the “breathing in” remedies. No strolling along the shore, healthy dinner, or foaming bubble bath for me today.

It was a stressful day of relationship overload. I am an introvert, and I try to steer clear of controversy. I don’t like to be put into situations where I know two sides of a difficult situation. I always try to mitigate conflicts, not to add to them. But today, I felt overwhelmed with so many problems.

Covid restrictions are toying with our mental health. This day was for the birds, and my neck is tense now.