Day 11 Slice of Life – Emails from Students

I got an email this evening with an image of a picture book, and a note, “By accident I had came into this story.”

Me: I don’t understand. Is that a problem? Was it a good book?

Student: No, it was not my level. And in every page it had five words only.

Oh, finally, I figured out why she was telling me this. Today’s extension assignment had said:

Extension. Read on Tumblebook Library while logged on to the Tumble Tracker so I can see all the good books you’re reading.

The conversation continued:

Me:  Oh, I see. No need to worry about that. I enjoy reading picture books myself! Feel free to read all the books you want on Tumblebook Library. I will never say that a book was below your level and you shouldn’t read it. OK? Read away. If you open one, and you don’t like it, while on the Tumble Tracker, it’s OK. You don’t have to finish it. Enjoy!

Student: Thank you so much teacher. And goodnight.

Sad, that after this many months I haven’t helped her internalize my message that she can read whatever level she wants to read in my class.

It reminded me of this recent tweet.