I Want to Do That

When I showed my students the list of  “ten things to do with a laptop” that Gary Stager showed us, they were immediately engaged. More so than I thought they would be. (Watch Gary’s ten things keynote here.)

The next day, I overheard them talking. One boy said, “I want to build a killer robot.” Another, “I want to make a video game.”

Ten Things You Can Do on a Laptop by Gary Stager

OK, I owe it to them. I’m the one who showed them the list after I returned from ITEC11. We have laptops. What’s missing? Nothing. They need to be let loose to create.

So, we are having our first genius hour. Next week. Our first, but not our last.

Images by Denise Krebs edited on Polyvore, Big Huge Labs, and Photovisi, shared with CC 3.0 license.

4 thoughts on “I Want to Do That

  1. The excitement is building! Did you make any predictions about what your students might choose to do with their genius hour? I can’t wait to see what your kids come up with! Keep us posted!

  2. We’ve added the Scratch program (computer programming from MIT) to some of the laptops for those who have expressed interest in designing a video game. A great program to start with! I think the gears are turning. I’m letting them have time to think about it so they come inspired and ready to get to work.

    I am taking your advice on groups. They can work alone or with a partner or two others based on interest and objectives. Thanks!


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