Saturday School

Saturday, and I’m at school. Entrance exams, lesson plans, grading and recording, filing. So much to do to get ready for our outside inspectors. That’s all I’ve got today!

Blessings to everyone! Remember me as I’m buried under my piles today.

Our Guided Reading Library – Also working on that today!

14 thoughts on “Saturday School

  1. Sorry you have to be at school on a Saturday! I hope you get lots done!! đŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Aggie, I hope so too! Sometimes I come to my computer to print something or check a list, so I snuck a look at your comment. Have a great day.

  2. Wishing you a productive day! Great job getting an early start to then be able to relax later!

  3. Aw- good luck. It is going to feel good to put a dent in those piles.

  4. Ugh- Saturdays at school can be demoralizing. Hope it all gets done as quickly as possible.

  5. Sorry, Denise… Life can sometimes get in the way of our writing. #bummer You’ll feel better when you know you have organized and prepared the best you can.

  6. Wishing for a productive day that ends quickly and brings you home.

  7. Totally get this. There are times when I have meetings about meetings. Then we do more planning for that meeting.

  8. Good luck!! I hope you had a successful day and you’re able to relax tomorrow!

  9. So glad you can sliced even though you were busy. Hope your day goes well.

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