Day 27 Slice of Life – Church School Meeting on Zoom

This morning I got up, showered and got dressed right away. It’s been five weeks since we’ve met at church. Today the church school leaders and teachers planned to have a Zoom meeting to encourage each other and make some plans for how to reach out to the children. I got dressed like I was going to church, my Formal Friday.

It was great to see friends in our Zoom meeting whom I’ve missed all those weeks. We made plans for how to have our annual Palm Sunday procession with the children. We decided to use the song “We Sing Hosanna” by David Heath-Whyte. I went looking for the full and uninterrupted song on David’s website, and found that he was giving special free permission to use his songs for live-streamed services. Ours would be video recorded, so I wrote to ask for special permission. Literally within three minutes, he answered back with this sweet reply:

Hi Denise,

Thank you for getting in touch, and thank you for your interest in the songs.

I’m delighted to give you permission to use the song as you suggest – sounds like a great idea. I hope it all goes well.

Hosanna to Jesus

We will ask the children to wave their palm branches, or house plants, or cilantro, or parsley, or green paper leaves–whatever they have or can create at home and take a video of it. Thank goodness for great connections between the teachers and students on What’s App. They will be able to gather all the video clips in a few days. We will then piece them together and play the song behind. It will be the opening song next Friday’s video worship service.

This year our children will shout their hosannas and wave their branches one-at-a-time, from a distance, but we are still one in Christ.


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#shutterspeed on Palm Sunday. More #green this week too. #cy365 #t365project #spring #equinox

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This picture is from a Palm Sunday of a different era, when we used to stand next to each other!

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    1. Thank you, Carol. Yes, we are learning new avenues of creativity we never knew we had. There are pockets of grace to be had in this time.

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