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My life this Covid-19 summer has been so weird. I’m not used to staying in Bahrain for the summer. Usually we travel to the U.S., so I’m just finding my way. I need to be working on a TESOL certificate program, so I don’t lose out on that opportunity, but I haven’t yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, here is kind of a “Currently” post, but tomorrow will no doubt be totally different! Here are just a few chronologically-ordered snippets from my day at home:

Read about What Evangelicals Mean with “Family Values”

This was such a powerful and important article for me to read today. “Is evangelical support for Trump a contradiction?” In fact, I bought Kristin’s book after I finished reading the interview.

Started reading Mary Trump’s book

I’m not sure why I started reading it, but my husband bought it and I downloaded it on my Kindle and then got a little hooked on the sad birthday party for her aunts that was held at the White House.

Made Vegan Vegetable Fricassee on Cauliflower Mash

Oh, my this was so delicious! Surprisingly, the mashed cauliflower tasted a lot like mashed potatoes.

Called two friends’ mom
Today was Day 14 of the 30-Day Kindness Challenge I am doing with some friends from school. Some days I am not able to accomplish the prompts, but today it was a sweet idea I was excited and able to do.

I asked one of my friends (of two sisters) for her mom’s Whatsapp number. I then texted to warn her I wanted to talk to her. Later my husband and I called to bless her by telling her all the good things she would let us shower on her about her sweet daughters. My husband said a prayer for them, and we hung up. It was a delightful time that took just a few moments but made everyone happy.

Listened to a chapter in Becoming

Listening to this helps me stay sane and miss the Obamas.

Made three spice mixtures

I was planning my meals for the week, and spices have such a huge part now since my genius hour project using spices! I made 5 Spice Mix, shawarma spice mix, and a masala for Arab cuisine (photo).

Instead of using them whole, I decided to grind them for this recipe.

Each of my days seems to be equally unique and varied.

What are you up to these summer days?

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  1. Love your intro, “here is kind of a “Currently” post, but tomorrow will no doubt be totally different” – this is definitely the way my days are during this pandemic. You have such a nice mix of photos with words in this post! What a sweet challenge – 30 days of kindness…I am sure you made your friend’s Mom smile! Hope you continue to find all these silver linings in this time.

  2. What a fun slice! So many fun thought-provoking activities. Thank you for stretching my thinking a bit!! I am intrigued by the article and the spice mixtures sound delish!

  3. Spice making sounds fascinating. I am also intrigued by the kindness challenge. This kind a day is a good day in my opinion.

  4. Love this “Slice.” I’m taking each item starting with the last: I have ruined my coffee bean grinder for anything but coriander seed and its kin. I read most of Becoming and loved the first part. One of my favorite anecdotes involves Michelle with Queen Elizabeth (what a wonderful, revealing snippet about BOTH of them). That kindness challenge has inspired me. I’m putting it on my “to-do” list. I’m making that fricassee (and that’s the first time I’ve ever written that word, so, awesome). Finally thanks for the article/interview with Kobes Du Mez. It clarified some inconsistencies., a worthwhile read for any of us trying to understand the current landscape. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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