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Today was one of those days. So many things going on, but nothing happened that motivated me to take pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. So, instead, I’ll just tell a few of the random activities of my day.

It’s the five-day period at Ethical ELA called Open Write. Teacher-poets write poems each of the days and post them, commenting on each others. Today’s prompt was “The ‘Re’ in Relationships.” Andy Schoenborn challenged us to write a poem about reconnecting, reprioritizing, or reinvesting in a relationship of our choice.

I was not at all taken by the prompt today, so I looked for a form to try. I found something called Ae Freislighe and tried it. I tried writing about my dear friend who was the maid-of-honor at my wedding, but with whom I have been sorely out of touch. I would love to reminisce and laugh with her again in person.

An extrovert dynamo
You were my “dating” teacher
Showing me moves apropos
Did you ask, “how’ll I reach her?”

Standing up in our fun weddings
We’ve lived in many locales
Now, four decades’ unthreading
A chance to build our morales

Let’s spend the day together
Life’s big events we’ll compare
Is it foul or fair weather?
We won’t even be aware

From morning ‘til evening prayer
We will sit in the kitchen
Love and hate from anywhere
We will stoke each other’s bitchin’

However, I am not inspired at all about this prompt or my silly attempt. It’s just been a weird day for writing.

An update on my singing lessons. A month ago I signed up for Zoom singing lessons through our church skills classes. At the time I wasn’t even sure I would have courage to go to the first class. Now, tomorrow I will have my fifth and final lesson for this session. My teacher asked us to send a video of ourselves singing the song we chose (mine was Happy Birthday, but she did have me pick a second one so I wouldn’t get bored). The second song I’m singing is “Do, Re, Mi” from Sound of Music. I thought maybe I could learn more about notes by singing that song. Go figure. I didn’t really, but today I sent her a video of myself singing. It was painful. I can hear the mistakes, but I have no way to figure out how to tell my mouth, throat, diaphragm, lungs, whatever, to sing the correct notes. I have learned some good things, though. First, I have become braver. (I sent that video of me singing!!) Second, I have definitely learned some basics and improved my singing. Third, I learned that singing is work and good singing is a skill that people work hard at.

We are starting to work on getting ready to go back to school. I will actually be the substitute for the teacher who is replacing me. She can’t come to Bahrain yet, and I can’t leave due to Covid, so we are being partners. She’ll teach the online kids and I will teach the students who choose in-person instruction. But really, who knows what will happen between now and in two weeks when school is supposed to start.

I did have one success today in the kitchen. I surprised my husband with his favorite green curry with paneer. He said it was the best I’ve made so far.

Currently Just for Today

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My life this Covid-19 summer has been so weird. I’m not used to staying in Bahrain for the summer. Usually we travel to the U.S., so I’m just finding my way. I need to be working on a TESOL certificate program, so I don’t lose out on that opportunity, but I haven’t yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, here is kind of a “Currently” post, but tomorrow will no doubt be totally different! Here are just a few chronologically-ordered snippets from my day at home:

Read about What Evangelicals Mean with “Family Values”

This was such a powerful and important article for me to read today. “Is evangelical support for Trump a contradiction?” In fact, I bought Kristin’s book after I finished reading the interview.

Started reading Mary Trump’s book

I’m not sure why I started reading it, but my husband bought it and I downloaded it on my Kindle and then got a little hooked on the sad birthday party for her aunts that was held at the White House.

Made Vegan Vegetable Fricassee on Cauliflower Mash

Oh, my this was so delicious! Surprisingly, the mashed cauliflower tasted a lot like mashed potatoes.

Called two friends’ mom
Today was Day 14 of the 30-Day Kindness Challenge I am doing with some friends from school. Some days I am not able to accomplish the prompts, but today it was a sweet idea I was excited and able to do.

I asked one of my friends (of two sisters) for her mom’s Whatsapp number. I then texted to warn her I wanted to talk to her. Later my husband and I called to bless her by telling her all the good things she would let us shower on her about her sweet daughters. My husband said a prayer for them, and we hung up. It was a delightful time that took just a few moments but made everyone happy.

Listened to a chapter in Becoming

Listening to this helps me stay sane and miss the Obamas.

Made three spice mixtures

I was planning my meals for the week, and spices have such a huge part now since my genius hour project using spices! I made 5 Spice Mix, shawarma spice mix, and a masala for Arab cuisine (photo).

Instead of using them whole, I decided to grind them for this recipe.

Each of my days seems to be equally unique and varied.

What are you up to these summer days?