Slice of Life – School’s Out for Summer

Slice of Life at, 22 June 2021

Today is the official first day of summer. My husband has taken off a few days for a staycation. Bahrain continues in lockdown mode. Most shops are closed except for pickup. Groceries and pharmacies are the exceptions, so our weekly date night is to the supermarket. This week a few times we’ll also go out for coffee and tea (takeout, of course) and sit at the sea to drink it.

I went to school on Monday morning for a game of Two Truths and A Lie that one of my colleagues had put together from things we had submitted a few weeks ago. When I arrived at school, though, Lois and I were also surprised with bouquets of flowers and a juice toast. My birthday was in August and hers in October. For various reasons, they did not get celebrated closer to the time they happened. My old department remembered, though, and surprised us with this on the last day of school.


Tulips and Baby Roses

Then today I had to go back to school to confer with my partner about a memory book we are making for the principal, who is leaving. We are collecting photos, poems, notes of appreciation and memories. It is turning out beautifully, a hardcover book 25 x 25 cms. While I was there I was asked to stop at the LI Department, which is our special needs department, and the one I’ve been working most closely with this year. They had a gift for me and the other volunteer who worked this year.


These sweet enameled dishes filled with surprises
Amazing treats

Empty already? Yes, I could have eaten all the treats out of all of these dishes. I love sweets too much–baklava, two kinds of halwa, chocolates, and mixed nuts. I ate plenty, but instead of gorging myself until I burst, I dished up the sweets into 33 individual servings to share with some of our hospital workers. Keith and I will deliver them tomorrow. I kept the nuts!

What I’m most excited about this gift, though, are the sweet dishes. I will be serving Bahraini breakfast in them. The food in the Instagram post below is our very favorite meal here in Bahrain. I’ve been perfecting recipes for these dishes (I use that word perfected very loosely here). My recipes are going to taste better now, though, just because they will get to be served in these darling dishes.

Happy summer, everyone!


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12 thoughts on “Slice of Life – School’s Out for Summer

  1. I love how gracious, grateful, and joyful your post is. It was a great end to a challenging year! I hope you enjoy your summer! And, I love the bowls!

  2. What a generous community! I love that it’s all a circle from the treats to you to the treats you give away. Lovely dishes.

  3. Denise, you deserve all these accolades and gifts for all the generous giving you have done this past year. I love the dishes. They certainly will make a difference in the foods you serve when you return to the U.S. I’m thrilled your colleagues remembered your birthday and celebrated ten months late (two months early). What a wonderful way to close out the year.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. Yes, who has birthdays 10 months late and two months early. It was such a surprise! We will look forward to serving our family and friends in the U.S. with these sweet dishes full of yummy Middle Eastern food.

  4. Oh, what beautiful dishes – such treasures! What a lovely way to close out your year. I am also struck by your ritual outing with your husband, about how you take tea and coffee, and “sit at the sea to drink it.” How absolutely lovely!

  5. You are loved and how sweet that you shared the love with so many others by passing on part of your bounty. Yes, outings have changed, but it sounds like you are making the best of your situation. The dishes are lovely.

  6. Well deserved I’m sure. Those dishes are beautiful. The goodies that were in them, and the goodies that will be in them look delicious.

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