March #SOL22 Day 19 – Living Water

Day 19 of March #SOL22

Thinking of ingredients in my kitchen:
rice, beans, tofu, oil, garlic, onions,
so many.
Which is most important?
None of those.
Perhaps there is only one
we can’t live without–
the unsung, unmentioned
ingredient in most recipes.
I use it in everything, really.
It takes the crunch out of pasta,
puts the porridge in oatmeal, and–
stop a second and imagine with me–
How would tea and coffee be without it?

It covers a multitude of issues,
A stew multiplies into a soup
A thick, globby mess transforms into gravy
A varnished stir fry pan (looking impossible
to clean) magically deglazes into rich broth

Water saves a dehydrated person,
Removes paint* from skin,
And, on and on
Of course, as you know,
the water usage list is endless

Which reminded me today
of you, the Living Water.
Moses hit you in the desert
and you poured out for all
the thirsty rebels

When you were by the well
You asked her
for a drink of water.
Suffering in the heat of the day,
she drew water up
in her leather bucket
and gave some to you–
clear, cool, hydrating.
Then you gave her Living Water
so she’d never thirst again
You saw her, redeemed her.

She learned, as I can,
about living water
the one I can’t live without–
the one I can’t Love without.

*Painting went well today, believe it or not!

This post is from a prompt “Ingredients” by John Noreen at Ethical ELA Open Write. Join us?

6 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 19 – Living Water

  1. It’s so hard to keep up with everyone this month. Thrilled to read your poem and think of Living Water on this Saturday evening.
    I wish I had the time to read through more of your entries, but this one speaks to my soul. Thanks for writing.

    1. Oh, thank you, Ramona, for coming here today. It is so hard to read enough posts each day. I try to read more and more, but I never even make a dent in the many submissions. I’m glad you came today.

  2. Loved this poem. Living water we need all over this world. Peace filled water heal us all.

  3. I’m up early to do some work before church. I love how you start with how we used water today and then move into the Living Water. Beautiful!

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