March #SOL22 Day 28 – Up Past Midnight

Day 28 of March #SOL22

Here is a first in months. I am sitting here after midnight. Usually I’m in bed between 9 and 10. I’m up now listening to The Crown (S2 E5) and the howling wind. We’ve had a few days of really warm weather, and tonight it is turning a bit colder. We may have rain tomorrow.

Yesterday we hung up the window trimming on our freshly painted house (white replacement windows coming in June, and a screen door makeover soon). I stained and waxed a book shelf, and I hung up some lattice between our house and car port. And I haven’t slept yet, so I’m posting this very short sliver of life before I go to bed.

March #SOL22 Day 26 – Yard Sale

Day 26 of March #SOL22

Today there was a yard sale in my yard. When we moved here, there was so much extra stuff in our yard and house, and my sister has even more extra stuff than we do. She brought things over and we hung up signs with balloons inviting people in to look around and buy.

I’m always touched by how friendly people are in our new town. It was very interesting to hear people’s stories and see what they were interested in buying. It was a good day.

And this was my view as I waited between customers

March #SOL2 Day 24 – Working, Enjoying and Sushi-ing

Day 24 of March #SOL22


After a day of working outside, I am now sitting in my home, looking out at the porch. Where I used to see three random mix-match colors of paint,  now I see all the same shade of Timid White. I’m enjoying the cooling air of our new H-VAC system, as today was the first day that went over 80 F. I’m writing a quick post because I’ll be leaving in twenty minutes to go out for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, who helped us finish painting our home. Dinner will be at Kimi Grill for Japanese food. I am a happy woman.

In the past three homes we’ve owned, it seems every time we did any home remodeling or updates, we moved within a year or two. Did we know we unconsciously know we were going to move, so we were getting ready to sell it at a better profit? Or was it just bad timing. This time, however, in retirement, I am doing the work just for us and our friends and family. It has made all the difference. I have more respect and love for our little cabin with every brush stroke, nail, and rake of the yard. (Almost) every day I am motivated to get up and work.

I hope you all enjoy the Slicer Meet-Up! I enjoyed the last one. However, tonight the sushi is calling me.

March #SOL22 Day 23 – Glad My Car Was Still There

Day 23 of March #SOL22

This morning I had a first. I had to run to Home Depot to get some gloves for painting. My brother and sister-in-law were coming to help. (Praise God!) So, I was in a bit of a hurry. I got to the store and went in. I don’t remember a bell ringing as I left the car, but I’m guessing it was.

I went into the store. I picked up the box of gloves and a couple paint roller trays, paid a the self-checkout counter, and went back to my car. For some reason, the door was unlocked. I got inside and realized it was already running. I had forgotten to turn off the car when I went into the store. It won’t lock when it’s running, and it gives a warning, but I must have unconsciously ignored it. It is such a quiet car; when it’s idling it uses the battery only. (We bought a hybrid RAV4 when we moved back to the U.S. in January.) I’m glad no car thieves were present this morning!

The painting went well. With all four of us busy, we finished the main painting job. Now, just some details to do over the next couple of days.


March #SOL22 Day 22 – Stories I’ve Been Told About Myself as a Baby

Day 22 of March #SOL22

“What stories have you been told about yourself as a baby?”

Chapter 1
My mom was in the hospital the next morning looking in the window at all the babies. Another woman in a hospital robe came to the window too. They were there to admire their babies, and each others. My mom pointed me out, apologetically, “She has a mark.”

“Oh, you’re lucky,” the woman said.

My mom thought the woman was bonkers to think that a red birthmark on the head and face of her new baby made her lucky in any sense of the word.

“Yes,” she said, “My two-year-old at home has a bumpy strawberry birthmark on the bridge of her nose. You’ll be able to cover your baby’s birthmark.”

“Angel kissed,” is how my grandma always described my birthmark.

Chapter 2
I was several months old when I got sick and couldn’t keep anything down. My mom got a ride to the doctor’s office with me in tow. The doctor was just leaving, but he stopped and examined me. He pinched the skin on my belly, and it pulled up and stayed where he pinched it. He told her I was dehydrated and for her to stop at the store and buy a Coke, shake the bubbles out of it, put it in a bottle and fed it to me. She did, and she always reminded me how I grabbed that bottle with my hands and sucked it down. I got better after that.

Chapter 3
When my older sister went to kindergarten, she always came home with stories. One day she came home and told my mom, “Terry at school doesn’t believe that Jesus is real.” I was listening and responded, “What does she think, that he’s made out of rubber?”

Chapter 4
My father had seven kids and didn’t want the neighbors to think we didn’t have enough food, so he was known to load up our plates. One time I asked for more meat, and held out my plate to him. My dad took a spoonful of mashed potatoes and plopped it down onto my plate, or so he thought. Instead, I pulled my plate back just as the potatoes slammed onto the table. “More meat.” My older brother and sisters around the table looked sheepish and tried not to laugh. My dad was not the type that would have thought that was funny. However, surprisingly, he had a slight upturn of his mouth and gave me more meat (and no potatoes).

I was inspired by Ramona’s Spider Stories post, which was a featured inspiration on Two Writing Teacher’s on Sunday.

March #SOL22 Day 21 – 64 Good Things

Day 21 of March #SOL22
  1. Keith
  2. babies
  3. lobster ravioli
  4. monster cookies
  5. finishing a job
  6. Poetry Friday
  7. Ethical ELA Open Write
  8. Two Writing Teachers
  9. The Beatles
  10. clean sheets
  11. fresh spring rolls
  12. a clean house
  13. ripe fruit
  14. tea lattes
  15. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Earth’s crammed with heaven…”
  16. Katie and Thomas
  17. Maria and Janzen
  18. sitting in the grass
  19. Duolingo and learning Spanish
  20. storytelling
  21. Womba
  22. Vinolia
  23. Glenda
  24. Maureen
  25. anniversaries
  26. the Persian rug hanging on my wall
  27. spacious places
  28. lotion
  29. a pot of masala tea
  30. rainbows
  31. cars that work
  32. Blizzards (at DQ)
  33. bean tostadas
  34. flying to see my daughters
  35. healthy eating
  36. ice cream with caramel sauce and praline pecans
  37. washing machine
  38. Joshua trees
  39. a good night’s sleep
  40. buying second hand instead of new
  41. a freshly-painted home
  42. chips and salsa
  43. the world standing by Ukraine
  44. In and Out burger animal style
  45. a grandson forming in my daughter’s womb
  46. listening to Karly play the oboe
  47. reading my Kindle when I wake up at night
  48. root beer floats
  49. my sister right next door
  50. a postcard in the mail from Kim J.
  51. mourning doves nesting in my yard
  52. health
  53. redemption from fear
  54. Jesus
  55. my strong body
  56. Wordle
  57. Worldle
  58. my temperature blanket
  59. cardamom and saffron in my tea
  60. excellence
  61. a full moon
  62. a starry sky
  63. peace
  64. looking up

I was inspired by a post earlier this month by Terje at “Just for a Month.” She wrote 50 good things because she was turning 50. I’ll be turning 64 this year, so I wrote 64 good things.