Open Write “Do You Remember?” 21st of September 2022

Today is the 21st of September. The prompt is “Do You Remember?” with Susan Ahlbrand. Do check it out, and see all the forms she has pointed us to.

And take a moment to listen to Earth, Wind, and Fire singing “September.”

I thought of the 21st of June and wrote a nonet about the birth of my grandson.

Remember the first day of summer?
Just two drove to the hospital
Your dad stayed home with Covid
Breathe, push, rest, repeat. You
arrived, perfectly
untroubled by
Babe at

One thought on “Open Write “Do You Remember?” 21st of September 2022

  1. What a wonderful use of the form and “I remember”. Isn’t being a grandmother grand? Rose posted a poem to her granddaughter for Poetry Friday, and I think it’s a wonderful idea to write at least one poem a year for your grandchild. Maybe a collection in the works?

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