Spiritual Journey Thursday – Shall We Dance?

Thank you, Chris, for hosting and inspiring us with your music and beautiful poem. I have more hope today after reading the Thursday Spiritual Journey post here.

Shall We Dance?

Our next step is to imagine a courageous
country where a hungry yelling person
is not choked to death on the subway. Are we
stuck in a nightmare of distress and death? Yes. And No, for
In this today, in our losses, we can also dance.
A truth is that during a plague we can
seemingly sing and dance with
endless rings around the rosie, the ashes-ashes
cycle soothing during the scourge.
We will always have good and bad news, so I
refuse to give up, I refuse
to stop dancing. Can we fight injustice, while we
accept jubilee? The Lord of the Dance says
that we can. “Dance, dance, wherever you may be.” I believe.

This golden shovel was written with a quote from a student in Colorado at a school walkout about gun violence, published by Truthout: “Our country is stuck in a seemingly endless cycle. We refuse to accept that.”

In addition to Chris’ hopeful Spiritual Journey post, I was inspired by an episode of A Truthout Podcast called Movement Memos, this one was a conversation between Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba.

Carol’s Spiritual Journey post reminded me of a video I took this week, so I’m posting these dancing flowers here:

7 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Thursday – Shall We Dance?

  1. I refuse to stop dancing too! Write on, Denise. Poery can help all of us…and so can dancing.

  2. Denise, what a mighty golden shovel, drawn from a truly striking line…all around, it’s infused with power. Cycles and systems not only need to be disrupted… the cells within the organism need to be repaired. Healed with shots of celebration and “grafting” the good through the suffering. Imagining and believing it is possible – and wanting it. Dance is the perfect illustration of not settling for less!

  3. Denise, if we dare to imagine then it can be done. We need to work for it to achieve it. We need to hang on to the joy of dancing. Thank you for such a thoughtful golden shovel.

  4. I love the message of your poem, such a strong and willful Yes, I can still dance! Thanks for your positivity!

  5. What a gift you’ve offered through this golden shovel poem and your willingness to say that in our losses, we can also dance. I love your dancing flowers and I bookmarked the podcast for a future listen. Thanks for your thoughtful poem and post.

  6. Yes! Let’s all refuse to give up and choose to dance!

  7. Oh Denise, thank you for the golden shovel and for the encouragement to keep dancing. I need this right now.

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