Slice of Life – Anniversary Trip

May 9, 2023

We are in the middle of an anniversary trip to the beach. Here are a few slices of our week in photos…

Painted murals in Carlsbad Village
So many beautiful plants and trees in this Mediterranean climate
Anniversary lunch at Taste of the Himalayas
Keith and the Nepali flag
So much coffee and tea

Perfect weather and beautiful sunsets
My partner for 40 years

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Anniversary Trip

  1. It looks like a wonderful trip! I especially loved the photos you took of the trees and plants–the angles you chose are so beautiful! It was fun how much of your trip you were able to convey from those few, well-chosen captions for the photos.

  2. Spectacular! Southeast Asia is full of warm hospitality and adventure. Thanks for sharing these vibrant photos. Congratulations!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Denise! I love how you created the collages – one about art, one about nature…both are gorgeous. You two look like you are having fun at the beach!

  4. Happy anniversary! That picture of the two of you in the colorful chair puts a smile on my face! And look at your hats!! Yes, I feel the need for hats more and more in the heat these days. Forty years is quite an accomplishment – true love indeed! Congratulations and have fun at the beach!

  5. Congratulations, Denise! I love your photos! I hope to celebrate a fortieth anniversary with my husband next November. Those coffees look amazing, and I love the photo of you and your husband in the huge chair. Very colorful and fun snapshot. Enjoy your anniversary travels!

  6. Denise,
    Happy Anniversary, my friend! I’m glad you’re celebrating all week. Gorgeous photos, especially that beach scene. Here’s hoping you make it another forty years!

  7. So much beauty and peace in these awesome anniversary photos! Congratulations to you both. (May 3rd was our 39th anniversary—and all I got was a cat bite🙁, but I still have a great husband and these photos to make me think about what one more year might bring.)

  8. Wishing you both many, many happy returns of the Day. Thank you for the photos.

  9. Denise, Happy Anniversary. Life is grand! Your photos speak of this so keep on celebrating! That beach scene makes me want to go back to the sea for a visit. I have to wait until summer for that.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Denise. We celebrated our 40th last summer. Your pictures are wonderful. The beach at sunset is a magnificent picture. Love the flora and fauna pic too. Keep having fun!

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