Poetry Friday – Poetry in Photos

It’s Poetry Friday, and the round-up is over at Mary Lee Hahn’s, where she shares the names of some of her beautiful neighbors.

It’s time for summer poetry swapping with Poetry Friday friends. What wonderful fun to participate! I received a package from Carol Labuzzetta with so many fun features.

Thank you, my apple orchard friend,
Cultivating love and hope for learners
at your blog and in the world. Thank you.

Carol sent these sweet photo cards, poems, bookmarks with so much love!

The next poetry swap was with Linda Baie. Another touching and love-filled gift arrived. Here are some photos:

She wrote a poem based on my summer travels
Photos of me during special times this summer
A sweet book of poems, one for the Sealey Challenge this month.
A bookmark
A thank you poem for Linda, made with some words she sent in a decorated box.
One pile of books for the Sealey Challenge this month

Sealey Challenge update:
Day 1: Grandparent Poems, compiled by John Micklos, Jr.
Day 2: Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
Day 3: Animal Ark, photos by Joel Sartorel, and words by Kwame Alexander (with two images below)

Such beautiful photos in this book, published by National Geographic
Kwame Alexander’s words really add to the beauty of this book, Animal Ark.

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Poetry in Photos

  1. Poetry swaps are a joy, Denise. I’m sure these have brightened your week! Lovely responses, too.

  2. What a treasure box of poetic gifts. Aren’t we the lucky ones to be in a community of people that love to swap poems and goodies like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I love how personal these poem swaps are! So inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Somehow I missed that Kwame Alexander wrote the poetry for this book! I need to take another look. I love this sentence, which begs to be a striking line for a Golden Shovel: “We are part of forever.”

    Lovely summer swaps, too! So creative and personal!

  5. Oh, Denise, thank you for the poem back to me from the box. And for all the other special things, poems and books and good thoughts!

  6. Your cup overflows, Denise! What a bounty of poetry goodness. And I love what you used your poetry box clippings for! I will have to dip into mine and try some thank you notes from it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Denise, Thank you so much for sharing your goodies! I’ve enjoyed the swap so much and am glad you have too!

    I will share at the conclusion of the swap. How that’s okay with you! Let me know!! Thanks!!!

  8. What a collection of beauty! Thanks for sharing all of this. And, how did I miss Animal Ark? Just put it on my tbr shelf–thanks!

  9. Hooray! So glad you’re doing the Sealey Challenge too! So many good books in your stack!

  10. I’m so glad that “loving celebrations leave tracks and traces,” like Linda leaves traces of her presence in her packages. ❤️

  11. What a bounty you have here! Thank you for sharing the swaps and your August Sealey Challenge books. I wasn’t familiar with the poetry of Kate Barnes and it caught my eye. Will look into!

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