Poetry Friday – Flying Reverso

Today is Poetry Friday, and our host is Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink. She has an invitation for us!

We hiked today around a lake under the flight path
Flights leaving Minneapolis airport

After reading Rose Cappelli’s Reverso poem last week about the love and hate of fall and Patricia Franz’s poem about two opinions of an empty nest, I thought I would give a reverso another try. They shared some good hints by Marilyn Singer. I borrowed phrases from Rose to help make the opposites, like “don’t think” and “I prefer.”

I did cheat with the YES and NO for the last words. I’m going to try this again!

Since we flew to my daughter and son-in-law’s town this week, I thought I’d use flying as my topic. I’m not opinionated either way on what kind of travel I prefer, but I know folks who really are! We are having a grand trip, so I won’t get to be online much this weekend.


This form of travel for me!
Don’t think that I prefer
walking and biking and driving!
That is a no. How about more
flying, not
Anything else! Please!
Flying!!! Yes!

Anything else! Please!
Flying! NOT!
That is a no! How about more
Walking and biking and driving!
Don’t think that I prefer
This form of travel for me–
Flying…? No!

Ready to board our Southwest flight to Minneapolis

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Flying Reverso

  1. Flying is not my favorite (I generally get into “hunker down, accept my fate” mode when I’m flying somewhere). But sometimes, it’s the only way that makes sense! Have fun in Minneapolis!

  2. Cool idea for a reverso!! I didn’t mind flying before — but now with all the problems of cancellations and unruly passengers, etc., it’s lost its luster for me. I think I like trains as a means of travel.

  3. Denise, I do enjoy flying through the clouds except when there clouds cause turbulence that makes me think twice about being in the air. The reverso format is tricky but yours worked out nicely. Enjoy your family trip.

  4. It works beautifully, Denise. There have been moments recently in Denver where cyclists have been hit because of people not watching closely enough. Bike lanes are everywhere but still. . . I’ve had some grand road trips in the past, but to have a BIG adventure, “This form of travel for me–”. Keep having fun with your family!

  5. Excellent work, Denise! I think this is such a fun form. I have not attempted one myself, but I really enjoyed reading yours!

  6. You did it! Congrats on the reverso, Denise – aren’t they fun?
    Enjoy your family time!

  7. What a great use of the reverso form. The punctuation changes make it work! Brava!

  8. I think it will take awhile to convince myself to try a reverso. They are fun to read, so that’s where I’ll start- reading more of them. I’ve read some of Marilyn Singer’s reverses, but it’s been awhile. I have recently read some of her other books- I shared Dog Says, Cat Says with the ELL students I tutor- I checked out a brand new copy from my library! I have my own copy of Feel the Beat, poems about dance- which includes the reverso “ All Over the World, Dancing Is Joy; Joy Is Dancing All Over the World.”

  9. Wow! Nice work and it so well describes my feelings about flying, so aware of the pluses and minuses. I think I have to try a reverso to better understand how it’s done. Very clever, Denise!

  10. Love this! Reversos are such a challenge! I loved to fly as a kid (and living overseas, we flew a lot). Now my favorite is train.

  11. Wonderful, I’m smiling from how well your poem turned the flying and alternative travel modes around! Hope you enjoy your time with family in Minneapolis, lovely area to visit my sister lives in that area too. And here’s hoping all your flights are smooth sailing, thanks Denise!

  12. Thank you! I’m gobbling up what you seasoned poets post. I haven’t (yet) tried a reverso. You’ve shared a terrific example here. Enjoy time with your family!

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