Slice of Life – A Week in Minneapolis

Sept. 26, 2023

Flew into Mill City and had fresh sourdough
and beans in vodka sauce prepared by a pro
(actually my daughter) who’s such a great cook
Baba’s1, then we hiked around a lake2–take a look:

Shopped for bargains at Sierra outfitter store
burgers on the grill, peanut sauce salad and more
Boba tea at Mall of America, Teresa’s for Mexican food
Then dessert at my son-in-law’s parents with gratitude

Walked around Bde Maka Ska3, salad at Crisp and Green
The Goodwill store to shop for a bargain of jeans
But what a surprise, I slipped, fell, and got a sprain4
instead. Hobbled out of the store leaning and in pain

But Thursday we had prime tickets for St. Paul Saints5
I couldn’t miss it, so we made it work–no complaints
Next day I laid low with my foot on ice and resting up
Read The Wishing Game and sipped from my tea cup

Friday night was movie night and Coconut Thai6
on T.V. trays, but Saturday morning I was getting by,
so off to the farmers’ market for delicious treats
More shops and then home to cook an autumnal feast7

Ice cream at Sweet Science, homemade muffins with bran
A walk over Stone Arch Bridge8 was part of the plan
Since it will be closed for repairs next time we come
Final meal at Café Alma9 where we savored every crumb

My sweet Katie and Thomas, so full of life, all aglow
They shared their love with us and then sadly we had to go

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life – A Week in Minneapolis

  1. That looks like a bad sprain! Glad you could still enjoy such a great time… just goes to prove a good book has a lot of power!

  2. Denise,
    This is such a clever, event-filled slice. I love this format. We need it as a poetry prompt, don’t you think? Sorry about the ankle. Hope it heals soon.

  3. Denise, I agree with Glenda – – we need this as a prompt. I love how you’ve blended your experience in photos with a narrative in verse. I’m so sorry about your ankle. Are you healing? I was just thinking yesterday that it’s been a year since I broke my right ankle when I missed the step at work. I feel for you – – there was so much pain, and so I know yours hurt just as much. Yet you, in true Denise style, kept right on smiling and moving onward with your trip and enjoying time spent with family. I always, always love your photos because it gives a glimpse into a day and brings us to your world.

  4. I love how communing with food anchors this delightful and clever rhyming poem. (I am looking up recipes for “beans in vodka sauce.” I was just telling my husband that I need to be a more intrepid cook—despite the thousands of recipes I have saved in one place or another.)
    I’m glad you sprain pain waned and you were able to enjoy the farmers’ market and all the sweet family time that followed. I, as per wise suggestions here, am going to try the “A Week in…” prompt. Tender.

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