Poemtober – Weeks 2, 3, & 4

October 7 – Drip




October 8 – Toad
Short and brown
Good friend Toad, a little down
Glad green Frog and he reflected
Lobel’s selves, connected

October 9 – Bounce
Bounce along–
I someday be
Again? Yes (I think…)
Now health is such a gift to treasure.

October 10 – Fortune
Dear Fortune,

How did I spend almost
my whole white life
not paying attention
to the fact that you play
favorites based on
‘Merica’s crass history?

With questions,

October 11 – Wander
eyes wide open
with appreciation
creative formation
unplanned hope in

October 12 – Spicy

Spicy delicious
Full of flavor
Fall chili
Rich &
& rich
Fall chili
Full of flavor
Spicy delicious

October 13 – Rise

Life’s cold fray,
Like the morning
Sun that resets our
Soul sadness, daily
giving us hope
for newness

October 14 – castle
He makes a hundred million dollars
each year, is riddled with anxiety,
and his adult children all live at home.

She rents a room from a mother and son,
helps them with their laundry,
and cooks in a microwave in her room.

The joy on her face shows who has a castle

October 15 – dagger

knocked, assaulted, choked, stabbed
dozens of times: mother and son
hate crime, unthinkable escalation
Gaza war exported to Chicago by a
monster of a man who once
built a treehouse

Read more about Wadea Alfayoumi with a gift article from me at Washington Post.

October 16 – angels
when times are oppressive
God’s protective calming cloud
peace in the world

October 17 – demon
Who will
cast out
the demon
of hatred?
How will
anyone be able
to pay for the
What will
bring justice
and peace?

October 18 – saddle
in the
saddle of
looking out at your
wicked realm. Will you see
that you are not so lofty?
Your power is manufactured
from whipping, stepping down, and kicking
those you have consigned to a lower place.

October 19 – plump
Whose name rhymes with rump and frump?
He’s one we should at last dump.
He’s plump and reaping a thump.
Failed reality show chump!

October 20 – frost
As Kafka said, “A book
must be the axe
for the frozen sea
within us.”
A pen then is balm
for the axe wounds
I write to heal
to process
to contemplate
to go deeper
I write to leave
a small mark
I write to thaw
the frost that is left

October 21 – chains
War and its threat equal chains
When will we be free?
Can we make real gains
if we listen to each other?
Hatred of the ages strains
our capacity for love
Glean from heart and brains
to cause a path to agree
and avoid war stains

October 22 – scratchy
What? Dippity do
Scritchy scratchy too
I squeal

Shibble shabble shoe
Double trouble true
Big deal!

October 23 – celestial
Marshmallows burnt just right
Settled round the fire light—cold backs
Warm fronts, time to relax.
Then looked up, viewed star tracks—chatter
turned to higher matters
Universal star spatter, bright moon
Soul space, Divine commune

October 24 – shallow
calls out
to deep but
at times shallow

October 25 – dangerous

Hoping peace will be found
Lines of warring background
Bloodshedding justice drowned

October 26 – remove

Let’s remove Republicans from power
Election is one year away: blue wave
To the former guy they continue to cower
Let’s remove Republicans from power
We’ll use our votes on the House to scour
To save our Republic, we must be brave
Let’s remove Republicans from power
Election is one year away: blue wave

The following is a Golden Shovel poem with a striking line from something Mike Johnson said yesterday. “At the end of the day it’s the problem of the human heart, not the weapons…we have to protect the second amendment.”

October 27 – beast

At the End of the Day,
Mike Johnson, that is B.S. It’s
definitely the
guns that are the problem.
As if people of
other nations don’t have the
same worries of human
mental illness and evil heart
condition. But in the U.S. we cannot
resist using the
we’ve stockpiled. We
must stop. We have
to keep and save humanity, to
lift life and protect.
It is well past time to abolish the
gun-worshiped second

October 28 – sparkle
precious shining lights
glitter on her eyelashes
flutter under night
constellations brightening
her mark on the nighttime world

October 29 – massive

His size is astronomical
Could it be gastronomical?

October 30 – rush

is bad today. When will
we get relief? Soon as

October 31 – fire

intense, angry
blazing, searing, scorching
first hot then cold
chilling, blasting, penetrating
frosty, crisp

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  1. Drip is such a fun poem that makes me feel what a drippy faucet does.

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