Poetry Friday – Dragons

Today is Poetry Friday and Laura Purdie Salas is hosting. Thank you, Laura, and Congratulations on publication of your new sweet Oskar’s Voyage.

This sculpture will be on display this year for the year of the dragon at the Desert Hills Outlet Malls in Cabazon, California.

It was a cold and cloudy day at the mall today. This dragon statue called to me from across the way. I went over to get a good glimpse, and take its picture.

Now I’m sitting here Thursday evening listening to the rain fall on my roof, reading my Lunar New Year postcards again, enjoying each one. Thank you, all who participated.


What has happened
to the dragon’s reputation?
When I was a child,
dragons were one dimensional,
storied only to be slain.
It was quaint.
The good guy
slayed the dragon
and saved the princess.

Now, the world
has far too many dragons
that need slaying,
so princesses
and good guys alike
have a little dragon blood
in their veins
to set the world on fire
with hope and humanity.

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Dragons

  1. That dragon sculpture is so intriguing. Dragons can never be boring. I hope that we all have a little dragon blood in our veins. Well-stated, Denise!

  2. Ah yes, we all need to be dragonslayers now. Sigh!
    I cruise past those Cabazon outlets 2-3x year enroute from Phoenix to Tahoe. I’ll look for this guy next time!

  3. Denise– I love that quote! And, your poem certainly resonates. Happy Poetry Friday!

  4. That dragon sculpture certainly has presence, Denise. The dragon quote you commenced with also made me stop and think. Last but not least, your poem breathed more fire into your post. I can at least say, I too have written a dragon poem!

  5. Isn’t that the truth! Too many dragons…to many things that need to be slain. We are all now knights.

  6. I agree – we all need to be dragon slayers these days. Thank you for a lovely post and poem.

  7. Ooh, Denise–that bit about princesses and good guys having a little dragon blood in their veins…I love that. I’m pondering the advantages and disadvantages of that! xox

  8. We do need a little boldness and courage to deal with all the problems that need addressing, don’t we? We are missing the dragon’s sharp teeth, fiery breath, and powerful tail, so we need something else for our edge. Hope and humanity will have to be it! xo

  9. Dragon fire / dragon slayers abound / hope brings its own measure of warmth to light the world. Love the thoughts in your poem, Denise!

  10. I was born on the Year of the Dragon, so I love everything about this post – especially that collection of postcards, so exquisite!

  11. So many dimensions now to these dragons, I hope they seek and find hope and humanity too. Thanks for your poem shedding light on them.

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