Slice of Life 27 – Another Date Redo #sol24

27 March 2024

Today my hubby and I relived another date, which also took place 47 years ago. This time we went hiking again at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. One difference I noticed between now and then were the amount of people multiplied by decades of population growth. (It is spring break for a lot of people this week.) This week I find myself so thankful for state and federal governments that are committed to preserving natural places like this one for public use. The parks in California get so much wear and tear, but they are still peaceful and beautiful.

Haha, I just noticed the DANGER sign in our picture.
The view from Yucca Point
The oldest building still standing in Encinitas is this schoolhouse built in 1883.
The best taco stand ever, I think. There seems to always be a line out the door.

You Can’t Always Look the Sun in the Face

I had time tonight to sit and
think about how
only at the sunset
in the last moments of
the day at hand, the
sky opens and I
do something
orange and magical
and that is I look the sun
blue in the face and
get filled with peace
along with wisdom to
so not do such a thing at noon.
Well, of course not.

A golden shovel SFD using a striking line “I think only in the sky do orange and blue get along so well” translated from Spanish in a fabulous post that Ana Valentina Patton wrote last Friday.

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life 27 – Another Date Redo #sol24

  1. Denise,
    That sunset is gorgeous. And those tacos do look yummy. How many carbs are in them? Is there a subliminal message in that Danger sign? 🤔

  2. There is someting to be said for a date that involves hikes in beautiful nature, two wanting to share the beauty. And still, 47 years later! Your slice shows such love! Then the poem! WOW! Thanks for including all the photos, too! All adds to show us a perfect date! #InspiringCouple

  3. Denise, I’m awed by the scenery you’ve shared – such a beautiful place, and I join you in celebrating these preservation efforts. So much is being lost…including our ability to connect with nature as we are inherently designed to do. The schoolhouse is absolutely enchanting and those tacos…mouthwatering! I will have to eat Mexican food today! Your sunset photo is stunning, as is your golden shovel. These are not easy to craft, in my experience, yet yours flows and glows with every perfectly-placed word and reflection. I am reminded of van Gogh’s words: “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” Our world is wondrous. Made for awe. I also want to thank you for sharing your gorgeous dictionary entry poem on hope a few posts back – I tried it out for the first time today in my Slice. Thank for always pointing our minds and hearts upward and outward to the beauty all around us! You are an ongoing inspiration.

  4. Lovely date redux, two in a row. The West Coast is the best, I am sticking to that! I love the line that inspired your golden shovel and wish you so many more copasetic playdates between orange and blue!

  5. What an absolutely marvelous line for a golden shovel – and an absolutely marvelous poem, Denise! You and your husband are having a beautiful anniversary time, I think. I, too, am so thankful for governments working on preservation of our beautiful lands; I think about this every time I hike. Enjoy this time together!

  6. I loved the pictures you posted -you wrote about my very favorite place – Torrey Pines! My sister lives in the San Diego area, and every time I visit her, we go to Torrey Pines to walk, hike, or sit on the beach. In fact, my current husband proposed to me there. Hm, I see a a date there for us in the future, too. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Denise, what a fantastic looking taco and the scenery is stunning. You are truly blessed to get to enjoy such wonderful weather and locales. I took a walk today but did not have something covering my ears and they’re still frozen. Love the humor of your poem. Be sure to check my blog today as I have a special video I shared for you at the end of it.

  8. I love this – the redoing of a date 47 years later, the pictures, the danger sign … and then the golden shovel poem – which is a form I had totally forgotten about! I’m so glad I clicked on your link today! Thank you for writing.

  9. You really do know all of the great places to be in north San Diego county! It’s fun to see my town through your eyes…and their significance from 47 years ago. I, too, am thankful for those who saw fit to preserve these precious open spaces…and the population growth is significant! Enjoy!

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