Spiritual Journey Thursday – I Bind Unto Myself

Karen Eastlund is rounding up the post today.


Today is Spiritual Journey Thursday, and like Margaret wrote about today, I am feeling a little unbound, unmoored, and trying to find my way in my new chapter of life. Peter, when Jesus asked if the disciples wanted to leave him, answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”  (John 6:68) I, too, don’t want to leave, so I am claiming these truths today.

I bind unto myself today
Jesus–the Life, the Truth, the Way

I bind unto myself forever
The Love that cannot from me be severed

I bind unto myself the Power
of God, the one worthy strong tower

I bind unto myself the Name
of the One who o’er me has claim

Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me;
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

From: I Bind Unto Myself Today

Poetry Friday – Happy National Poetry Month

2022 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH POSTER from Academy of American Poets

There’s a poem in this place
and a hope for humanity
in the cleaving of brokenness
the loved become whole
in this place of poems

Happy National Poetry Month. This is my first April being in the Poetry Friday community during this special month. I look forward to all the delicious poems being written and shared this month. Heidi Mordhorst, at “my juicy little universe”, is the host for Poetry Friday on this good first Friday of National Poetry Month. She has a wealth of poetry opportunities for your perusing pleasure.

March #SOL22 Day 28 – Up Past Midnight

Day 28 of March #SOL22

Here is a first in months. I am sitting here after midnight. Usually I’m in bed between 9 and 10. I’m up now listening to The Crown (S2 E5) and the howling wind. We’ve had a few days of really warm weather, and tonight it is turning a bit colder. We may have rain tomorrow.

Yesterday we hung up the window trimming on our freshly painted house (white replacement windows coming in June, and a screen door makeover soon). I stained and waxed a book shelf, and I hung up some lattice between our house and car port. And I haven’t slept yet, so I’m posting this very short sliver of life before I go to bed.

March #SOL22 Day 26 – Yard Sale

Day 26 of March #SOL22

Today there was a yard sale in my yard. When we moved here, there was so much extra stuff in our yard and house, and my sister has even more extra stuff than we do. She brought things over and we hung up signs with balloons inviting people in to look around and buy.

I’m always touched by how friendly people are in our new town. It was very interesting to hear people’s stories and see what they were interested in buying. It was a good day.

And this was my view as I waited between customers

Poetry Friday – three poems

Happy Poetry Friday. Thank you to Amy at The Poem Farm for hosting today. Stop by and read about her Pick-a-Proverb project for April. You can also read a lot of other poetry delights by others.

This past week was Ethical ELA’s Quick Write. Here are the last three days of the five-day March Quick Write, including one ekphrastic dodoitsu, inspired by the Poetry Sisters.

With each swing of the
hammer, I have more respect
for carpenters and

painters and builders.
I would much rather stop and
look up at that sky.

The prompt for the poem above was called “Look Up” by Chiara Hemsley.

The photo below came from Twitter. When I saw this image on Twitter, posted by Kevin Rothrock, a journalist in Russia, I thought of the mosaic of this young person’s life and all the choices that have brought them to this place in life. According to Rothrock and commenters, the translation on the back of the coat says, “This is my grandfather’s coat. During WWII, he starved as a child in occupied territory. Why do the gruesome themes of [those] long-ago stories echo in my time? I feel pain and I’m scared. I don’t want war!”

Grandchild of promise hopes for
a future of peace and gets
remnants of terror, for we
cannot remember.

The prompt for the above was for a Mosaic Poem offered by Wendy Everard.


Generations linger and then go
The years with you flew, Grandma
My mom was young, just 43
When my sister was due. Grandma?
Yes, she was a grandma many times
Over. 25 years later, still a new Grandma
Now her grandchildren are grown
My sister siblings too: grandmas
It’s Denise’s turn soon to join the club
Precious baby, I love you, Grandma

The poem above is an attempt at a Ghazal poem, prompt by Wendy Everard.

During April we will start a month of writing poems at Ethical ELA called #verselove. You are welcome; sign up here.



March #SOL2 Day 24 – Working, Enjoying and Sushi-ing

Day 24 of March #SOL22


After a day of working outside, I am now sitting in my home, looking out at the porch. Where I used to see three random mix-match colors of paint,  now I see all the same shade of Timid White. I’m enjoying the cooling air of our new H-VAC system, as today was the first day that went over 80 F. I’m writing a quick post because I’ll be leaving in twenty minutes to go out for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, who helped us finish painting our home. Dinner will be at Kimi Grill for Japanese food. I am a happy woman.

In the past three homes we’ve owned, it seems every time we did any home remodeling or updates, we moved within a year or two. Did we know we unconsciously know we were going to move, so we were getting ready to sell it at a better profit? Or was it just bad timing. This time, however, in retirement, I am doing the work just for us and our friends and family. It has made all the difference. I have more respect and love for our little cabin with every brush stroke, nail, and rake of the yard. (Almost) every day I am motivated to get up and work.

I hope you all enjoy the Slicer Meet-Up! I enjoyed the last one. However, tonight the sushi is calling me.