Slice of Life – Dining Room Update

28 February 2023

Last Tuesday I wrote about our race to finish some updates on our dining room furniture. We live in a beautiful desert climate that has many months of mild weather, so we get to do a lot of living and working outside. We don’t have a garage or workshop where we can move into and continue the work of sanding and sawing, so when it gets cold we just have to quit for a while. That’s what happened on Tuesday!

Cold weather was coming, so my sister and I tried to finish staining and varnishing our table, as well as finishing the two bench chests that will go by the table. The weather report was right. It started out warm and sunny, but by afternoon it had dropped 15 degrees and the wind was brutal. We stayed out as long as we could, and then brought these unfinished pieces into the house to protect them from the weather, put away the tools, and picked up everything that was in danger of blowing away.

The next morning even our trash cans had blown across the yard.

There was also a carpenter at our house last Tuesday rebuilding our porch. He had to quit his work too, due to the high winds. He hasn’t been able to come back yet.

When your road is also a river

Because we had to get the house ready for visitors, we put the unfinished jobs out on the porch, wrapped them up to protect them from the weather. The forecast includes more high winds and precipitation over the next few days.

But look at this! The best part of my week is that this little guy is one of our visitors! The furniture can wait!