March 17 – Truths, Beauties and Appreciations

March 17, 2023


I’ve got some green to wear.
TBA – To Be Announced:

TBA has another meaningTruths, Beauties, and Appreciations, according to Jennifer Kesler. Jennifer, at my heart is happiest when i travel. read. write. connect, makes a habit of recording TBAs when she needs “a shift in mindset.” I thought I would try it today.


  • Life is sweet, and whether I say I’m lucky or blessed or fortunate–it’s all true.
  • Another ugly truth is that I sometimes intentionally walk by people who are less so. (Like today when a man was seeking signatures on a petition for more affordable rent in our area. Did I not catch his eye and keep walking because I own my own home and don’t need to pay rent?) I would like to see this truth change; I want to stand with those who are not as privileged as I am.
  • I am much healthier and more productive now that I can get enough sleep each night.
  • Hoy me olvidé de escribir en español.


  • Mourning doves who are nesting in my yard again this spring.
  • Snow on the mountains around me.
  • My shiny polished dining room table.


  • The wood burning stove in our home.
  • My sister and all her expertise in helping us remodel parts of our home.
  • Poetry and art
  • My husband and his calming sense of humor.
  • We’re having a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at our house on Saturday.

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!