March 17 – Truths, Beauties and Appreciations

March 17, 2023


I’ve got some green to wear.
TBA – To Be Announced:

TBA has another meaningTruths, Beauties, and Appreciations, according to Jennifer Kesler. Jennifer, at my heart is happiest when i travel. read. write. connect, makes a habit of recording TBAs when she needs “a shift in mindset.” I thought I would try it today.


  • Life is sweet, and whether I say I’m lucky or blessed or fortunate–it’s all true.
  • Another ugly truth is that I sometimes intentionally walk by people who are less so. (Like today when a man was seeking signatures on a petition for more affordable rent in our area. Did I not catch his eye and keep walking because I own my own home and don’t need to pay rent?) I would like to see this truth change; I want to stand with those who are not as privileged as I am.
  • I am much healthier and more productive now that I can get enough sleep each night.
  • Hoy me olvidé de escribir en español.


  • Mourning doves who are nesting in my yard again this spring.
  • Snow on the mountains around me.
  • My shiny polished dining room table.


  • The wood burning stove in our home.
  • My sister and all her expertise in helping us remodel parts of our home.
  • Poetry and art
  • My husband and his calming sense of humor.
  • We’re having a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at our house on Saturday.

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

11 thoughts on “March 17 – Truths, Beauties and Appreciations

  1. Denise,
    Think of forgetting to write in Spanish this way: Kim will be able to read and understand your post w/out running to Google translate! I’d call that forgetting divine intervention. Now about that second truth: I noticed a passive construction. That scenario is w/in your control. It’s your decision to change that narrative. I’ve been a homeowner 34 years, but I’ve never taken it for granted. There’s always that needling reminder of my origin story and the possibility life can go full circle in terms of my economic well-being. And your new dining table is a gorgeous work of art. Enjoy.

  2. Denise, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your TBA’s. I wonder if there would be a slight shift in what your TBAs would be if you wrote in Spanish?
    Your homes sounds cozy, filled with cherished objects and people, a place where people would like to gather. It is apropos that you are hosting a dinner on Sunday.

  3. I liked the idea 😊, A blogger friend writes about three good things each day on his Facebook page.

  4. Denise, I like this structure. It feels freeing to use the power of 3 to jot down ideas, all of which can be expanded later as a slice. Plus, each word to focus on brings out positives! If you are free today at 5pm (EST), join the Zoom Workshop Fran McCrackin and I are hosting!! I’d love to hear your voice and see the face that matches this lovely blog!! Email Fran for link: fran.mccrackin [at]

  5. Denise, your way of focusing on the positives in life is so calming and reassuring. Truth: we are blessed beyond measure, and you remind us to dwell on the good all around us. I love that you are having a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at your house on Saturday. We have an Irish restaurant 25 minutes from our house, and we love to go there to get our Irish fix. Enjoy the togetherness, fellowship, and food.

  6. I love this idea – truth, beauty, and appreciation…I’m sure it does help shift the mind into a healthier space. I appreciate that you shared “ugly truths” as well, not just another facet of gratitudes but stuff you want to do better at. That is honesty! I adore, “My husband and his calming sense of humor.” Humor is so important in a joyful marriage, I think!

  7. Denise, you share your truths, joys and gratitude in such beautiful ways. Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day meal tomorrow.

  8. I love this! I think the hardest for me would be the truths, which is all the more reason to write some TBAs. I love your simple beauties!

  9. This is a great slice. I read the original one by Jennifer and enjoyed that too. It’s a great focus to have. I especially enjoyed the aside about forgetting to write in Spanish. (I should try Spanish too on Fridays, but I’m too rusty). Your sister sounds amazing!

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