We’re Dancing

I took Mary Ann Reilly’s advice to get dancing today. I did so with an unlikely song, and a song that I never even knew existed. (It has almost a billion views!)

When I read Mary Ann’s blog post a couple days ago, I was reminded of my sweet kindergarten students. I had spent 1.5 years with them, singing and dancing daily. Lately, though, I have not been dancing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t figured out how to dance with grade 5 students.

Yesterday, when my kindergarten teacher colleague posted this song on her Facebook feed, telling how her students had gone crazy with it, I couldn’t help but try it out. I didn’t just listen to it, though. I did what Mary Ann suggested at the end of her post:

So are you ready to dance a little?  Dance like you were 5?  I won’t tell:)

Give it a try! It does have a great beat. I wonder if my fifth graders will like it!