My Glogster Résumé & Upcoming Glogster Changes

Every time I use Glogster, I learn something new and fun! Recently I created this Glogster résumé.

I think Glogsters are simply beautiful, and I love working with the program. However, I had heard some rumors about price changes, so I did some research. On September 15, Glogster will be changing the products and pricing they provide.

You can still get GlogsterEDU for free with a Single Free account. Existing teacher and student accounts will convert to Single Free accounts–no glogs that we have created will be lost. Students and teachers can each have their own single account for free.

However, if you want to have the teacher management piece with 50 student gloggers, you’ll need to pay a subscription price of $29.95 for a Teacher Light account.

GlogsterEDU Teacher and School Premium accounts continue to be available as well for 200 or unlimited student accounts.

I am not particularly happy about having to pay for a teacher account now, but I do realize that sometimes we have to pay for excellent resources free of advertising. I’ve done it with Edublogs for years, and I just started a Flicker Pro account this summer. I believe this is just another evolution in education. Since I pay less for curriculum and books, now I can use some of my budget for online subscriptions. One thing to be sure–when you are a paying subscriber, the technical support is awesome!

Read more information and FAQs about the new products and pricing for GlogsterEDU.

11 thoughts on “My Glogster Résumé & Upcoming Glogster Changes

  1. I have used Glogster to have students create belief essays based on the “This I Believe” done by NPR a few years back. It worked great and I plan to do it again! Fun program full of personal expression!

    Scott Boylen

  2. Scott, thanks for the comment. I have briefly looked at the “This I Believe” essay writing, but during the busy year it didn’t get very much further than looking at it. I will have to pay more attention to it this year.

    I’m looking forward to more and more digital work by my students.


  3. Denise, I used Glogster with students last year and I had trouble with it loading VERY slowly and it was also a little buggy when it came to embedding audio and videos. Do you know if that has been addressed? I’d hate to pay for it and then have it be slow.

    I do agree that it makes beautiful projects, and the kids love it.


  4. Laura, good questions. I will let you know if I hear anything or if I have problems with my premium account. Our computer lab had trouble with certain features last year with the free account, so we didn’t always have luck with the program. However, the free version always worked well on my laptop.

    There is a good FAQs page that lets you know what the minimum requirements are for certain features (like recently for me, I needed to update Firefox so the auto-save feature would work). and what are supported audio and video formats. Not sure if that will be helpful for you. Good luck, I hope it will work better this year for you. I’ll let you know if I learn anything else.


  5. There are times when, due to either district filters, browsers and bandwidth, that the upload of video or load times will vary. Glogster will work with school systems to identify the problems and make recommendations based on the issues. Denise is right about the FAQ section. There, we’ve listed options, recommendations and fixes for known problems, so please refer to it and if you don’t find an answer there, please use the feedback tab found on your dashboard, not only to report problems, but to make suggestions and recommendations. Glogster was built on the feedback of it’s user base, and we value your input. Based on your requests came EDU Premium. The Premium features of classroom management, presentations, projects and portfolios really enhance not only the teacher’s but the student’s experience.

  6. Perfect, Deena! Thanks for responding back to our questions. See what I mean about service. @GlogsterEDU has always been very responsive to my questions–free accounts as well as premium.

  7. Well, we know for sure that Glogster has a premium (and super speedy) helpdesk!

    Thanks Denise and Deena!

  8. Hi there,

    I am using Glogster for 3 years now and see the progress. We know that rarely there were issues with uploading or with speed, but, basically, imagine that all services which wants to be improved needs an income, and I believe that the new pricing will be affordable. Maybe you dont realizing an important fact, that all services (as facebook / edu based) have sometimes issues, so why you want to blame glogster for? I really believe that this changes will upgrade also service stability rapidly in short time. Larry.

  9. Larry,
    Thanks so much for the comment! You sound like you would be a good GlogsterEDU ambassador,

    I am sorry I sounded “blamy,” as I did not mean to. I agree that income is necessary for good services, and I’m willing to pay as I stated toward the end of my original post.

    In the comments I believe the readers and I were just offering constructive criticism because I know how responsive GlogsterEDU has been.

    Thanks again for reading my post, and thank you especially for taking the time to comment.


  10. I am new to Glogster and still have many bugs to work out so that what I develop works smoothly and easily for the students. However, it took only a brief time for me to see that this offered a way to develop a curriculum without textbooks, busy work worksheets, passive learning, etc. And set up as I am attempting will also allow students to move more independently through curriculum according to mastery and not grade or age. I can also see that once the foundation is laid, these same students can be crucial in the development of curriculum in the future. I am amazed with what it does now and look forward to what it will do in the future.

  11. Tracy, thanks for sharing your experience with Glogster. That is super. I’m impressed that you have such vision for what you can do with this new program. It would be great to watch what you and your students do with Glogster and other future curriculum issues! Are you on Twitter?

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