My Glogster Résumé & Upcoming Glogster Changes

Every time I use Glogster, I learn something new and fun! Recently I created this Glogster résumé.

I think Glogsters are simply beautiful, and I love working with the program. However, I had heard some rumors about price changes, so I did some research. On September 15, Glogster will be changing the products and pricing they provide.

You can still get GlogsterEDU for free with a Single Free account. Existing teacher and student accounts will convert to Single Free accounts–no glogs that we have created will be lost. Students and teachers can each have their own single account for free.

However, if you want to have the teacher management piece with 50 student gloggers, you’ll need to pay a subscription price of $29.95 for a Teacher Light account.

GlogsterEDU Teacher and School Premium accounts continue to be available as well for 200 or unlimited student accounts.

I am not particularly happy about having to pay for a teacher account now, but I do realize that sometimes we have to pay for excellent resources free of advertising. I’ve done it with Edublogs for years, and I just started a Flicker Pro account this summer. I believe this is just another evolution in education. Since I pay less for curriculum and books, now I can use some of my budget for online subscriptions. One thing to be sure–when you are a paying subscriber, the technical support is awesome!

Read more information and FAQs about the new products and pricing for GlogsterEDU.