3 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure Story

  1. Oh Denise…this was fantastic!

    You made me laugh when you talked about slipping up sometimes and saying. “do your best…this is for marks!” I just said those exact words to a student the other day and was devastated afterwards. I told myself that at least I can recognize when I am making those mistakes now…a few years ago that would have been a standard line!

    Thank you for sharing your digital storytelling project with us all…I know it is my turn but I am afraid! Yours and @grammasheri’s were so good!!

  2. Gallit,
    It’s funny how we see different things in the slides. I didn’t think I’d be able to do a story when I first looked at them. However, it’s funny, something just comes.

    I’ll look forward to yours, Lynda’s and Linda’s.

    Thanks for coming by,

  3. Wow…hard act to follow. I love your adventure story and how your view of teaching.

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