A New Blogger

The #blogging28 challenge for 14 January was to “offer to help someone start a blog.” It was funny that day I happened to be with a friend and she mentioned that she reads a lot of blogs. It was the perfect reminder for me to offer to help her make her own.

We went out for lunch the next day and brainstormed topics for her blog–education, learning, being a principal, being a wife and mother, faith, intentional living, and more. She had lots of ideas! It’s a work in progress, but it was fun to offer to help. (I’ll be sure to add a link to her new blog when she starts it.)

Here are a few pictures from our lunch at a new Gujarati restaurant. (We walked to the restaurant from our school.)

The restaurant was all new and sparkling clean. We were the only ones there at 2:45 p.m.
Look at all those stainless steel dishes. They would come to fill them up as much as we wanted.
So many delicious flavors, and they just kept bringing hot and buttery chapatis and fresh puris that were hard to resist.

6 thoughts on “A New Blogger

  1. Excellent and Yummers! I’ve yet to find a person here willing or wanting to start a blog…. but I’ll keep trying and sharing. What a wonderful way to begin your journey together. Thanks for sharing.

      1. This was a wonderful way to start the blogging process!

        Like Sheri, I haven’t found someone yet who needs a blog but I may have an idea. Thanks for sharing the link the Sheri’s post.

        I did install Google Analytics but haven’t been back to check the data.

        1. Thank you, Karen, for visiting my blog. It is fun to be making these connections! All the best as you finish the #blogging28 challenge. It will be interesting to see what the Google Analytics data tells you. It may spark a blog post!


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