One Word for 2019 Poem

I was inspired yet again by my friend Sheri Edwards. She recently created a great post, “Blog Images,” about making and finding images to enliven your blog posts. As photo resources have continually changed over the past decade, I learned some tips that were new to me. I made the above layered images on Google Slides from this video I found on Richard Byrne’s post that Sheri had shared.

This month, my students are doing a collaborative project with art, computer, and English about their #OneLittleWords. They are writing a paragraph, poem, and slide show video, along with a piece of art they did in art class. We are learning together and growing as we get to know and help each other with the challenges before us in 2019.

One thought on “One Word for 2019 Poem

  1. Hi Denise!

    Love the video. The students created a wonderful birthday video about Bahrain! They chose great views and inserted themselves well into the scenes. Everyone looked happy too.

    Love the idea about creating a paragraph and poem for the One Word. Your poem is one I’ll download and remember myself! So true!

    The examples show what’s possible using Google Slides — a great video howto as well. Thanks for linking to it on my blog for readers there to learn as well. Appreciate it!

    Yeah #blogging28 !

    ~ Sheri

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