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Today is Wednesday already here in Bahrain. I’m up and ready for the first of my Zoom classes, which are gradually becoming someone else’s Zoom classes. I’m in a very slow process of saying goodbye to my school. In February it started. I decided not to return because I could only commit for half a year as our visa will expire in December.

Then my replacement was stuck in the U.S. and couldn’t get her visa. We have been team teaching now. But on Saturday, she arrived, and yesterday, Tuesday, I taught my last class, with her observing. Next week she will take over.

It has been an effective and gradual transfer of duties, and a nice way for me to ease out of my responsibilities.

Today I’m a little bit sad, but I’m also content, satisfied with a job well-done, and looking forward to future challenges.

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  1. What a time of transition, for all of us, throughout the world! Sounds like yours has gone pretty smoothly, all things considered. I think it sounds nice to have “a very slow process of saying goodbye.” Keep strong!

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