Sunrise this Morning

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I had a lovely God-breathed moment yesterday and today. Someone I know was going to have surgery today, so last evening when we were taking a walk at the mall, I made a phone call to this friend. I was taking a walking break because of a sore foot, while my husband continued.

She lives alone in this country. I asked her about her surgery the next day, When I asked how she was getting to the hospital, she told me she was taking a taxi. Now, I wish I could tell you I said, “No you aren’t” but I took a little longer than that to catch on. When I offered to drive her to the hospital, I could sense the relief. She said she would love a ride to the hospital, and God had answered her unspoken prayer.

What an easy answer to prayer for me to get up a little earlier than usual, see a beautiful sunrise (below), and bless my friend with a ride to the hospital. I wasn’t able to stay because of Covid restrictions, so I was home within an hour.

I’m so glad that voice told me to make a phone call.

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  1. I often think about Winston Churchill saying, “We make a living out of what we get. We make a life out of what we give.” Isn’t life better when we give? I told a friend yesterday the thing I miss most about teaching is feeling as though I’m doing for others. This wonderful story encapsulates this idea. And I do love that gorgeous photo.

    1. Thank you, Glenda. What a sweet comment. You are certainly a giver of words, and I have been a recipient of your lovely words since March. That is a beautiful quote! Yes, life is better when we give, and sometimes even the tiniest gesture is a gift to someone. Bless you!

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