Eating Through My Freezer

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This past pandemic spring, I experimented with spices and cooking like I never had before. It was delicious and so much fun! I actually lost weight throughout all that cooking and eating, mostly because we were not going to restaurants or enjoying other people’s lovely invitations to eat at their homes. So, I cooked, much of it healthy, but not always.

Then after a few months, my husband had a checkup and discovered he needed to adjust his diet. His menu has since become too bland and too meaty for my tastes. So I adjusted too. I didn’t want to keep cooking because I would was going to be the only one eating some of the dishes. Instead, I decided eat through my freezer, and it’s been quite an adventure. I had a lot of leftovers and ingredients in there from the past few months–sambar, vegetable soup, chili, Thai soup, pesto, vegetable kebab mixture, sweet and sour sauce, and lots of things made with eggplant.

Now, after almost a month, I’m still going strong. The freezer contents seem to be multiplying, though, because it doesn’t really seem like it’s getting emptier.

I wonder what next week will hold. Maybe tomato paste smeared on freezer-burned bread. Not really! I guess I will have to think about cooking again.

P.S. I am trying to breathe deeply throughout this day. If you haven’t already considered all that is at stake today, you might want to review this:



5 thoughts on “Eating Through My Freezer

  1. When I read your title I expected a post about devouring ice cream! I wish I had such goodies as yours in my freezer. I’ve been devouring Halloween candy and must stop. You know the thing that has me so stressed. After today I’ll find a way not to stress about it so much. 🤞🏻

    1. What an adventure, eating through your freezer! There’s definitely an artistry involved in it. Those dishes look amazing.

      1. Thank you, Fran. Yes, I don’t take photos of everything that’s come out of my freezer, but I thought these two recent meals were surprisingly good and looked lovely.

  2. Life is so different everywhere. We do not use the freezer much. The freezer is that which comes with the fridge. We are vegetarians and usually we cook every day. We use coconuts almost daily in our dishes. My neighbour gets someone to grate four or five coconuts and keeps them in the freezer. Only during our monsoon season the weather is ok otherwise it is quite hot and there is humidity too. Even in the fridge things spoil after a certain number of days.

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