“Sugar Cubes”

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“Sugar cubes,” I read. “Hmmm…we’ve never been sugar cube people.”

“I’ve got nothing. We never bought sugar cubes growing up,” my husband chimed in.

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Some months ago for The Isolation Journals prompt, Jenny Boully gave a list of words of which we were to choose 5. I did so and wrote about them here. But I also took all the words (plus more) and wrote each on a slip of paper. They sit on my dining room table and each day at dinner my husband and I choose one and talk about it.

I’m surprised at all the stories that come up from these slips. I’ve known my husband more than 40 years, and I always learn something new about him. And he about me, I suspect.

Today it was sugar cubes. After our initial hesitation, we remembered.

We never bought sugar cubes either, but my Aunt Josephine always had them. Whenever we visited her on the farm, I was so excited to hold a sugar cube ever so gently on my flat palm, being sure to not curl up my fingers so Rony didn’t bite them. She gently plucked off her treat with her tickling nimble velvet lips.

My husband shared about his friend in high school who took a few drops of LSD with his sugar cubes.

That reminded me of standing in long lines at my local school to get vaccinated. I would have been happy to stand in line forever if it meant not getting a shot. When it finally was our turn we were full of fear and trepidation. While I “ouched” and complained about the smallpox vaccine that came through multiple jabs to my upper arm, I was delighted that I also got to ingest the polio vaccine in a glorious sugar cube. It was like getting a sucker at the dentist for being good.

Every day we discuss multiple stories from that one noun on our story slips. We’ve talked about wagons and watermelon, caterpillars and canoes, Ferris wheels and firewood and so much more.

Some future story starters for us…

6 thoughts on ““Sugar Cubes”

  1. I somehow missed this sweet prompt in Isolation Journals (I have been doing this, too)…you have come up with a delightful extension of the prompts! Yes, these are truly fun conversation starters – I think especially with our loved ones. How fun to learn new things about one another after all these years!

  2. What a fun memory. I was reading the other day a post written by the son of the man who wrote “A spoon full of sugar” for Mary Poppins. He was inspired by the polio vaccine being delivered on sugar cubes. I wonder if these can even be bought any more. I’m not a sugar cube person either so I haven’t even noticed them in the store.

  3. I remember getting the polio vaccine via a sugar cube. I asked for another one. I didn’t understand why the answer was “no!” The topic list seems like a fun way to start a conversation.

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