Spiritual Journey Thursday – Gratitude

Spiritual Journey Thursday for June 2021, hosted by Ruth

My one word for 2021 is Gratitude. In 2021 my goal was to say thank you more often–to God and to people.

I wrote about it here and here, and this poem in January with Stacey Joy and the Open Write group at Ethical ELA.

One Word 

I open the letter
ever-flowing and
breathed by you

for love,

I sit at the seashore
and chew on the manna

for sustaining,


Welcoming the
flow of justice,
ever-flowing justice

I started this Spiritual Journey Thursday post the other morning because I wanted to join in this monthly group that Margaret Simon had told me about, and that Ruth is hosting this month. This Gratitude post was on my mind when my husband said something sweet today.

I made Mexican food for lunch–fajitas, black beans, homemade salsa and tortillas. It was yummy. Then, soon after we ate, I needed to get ready for a tutoring session.

When he realized it was time for me to get on my Zoom meeting, he began to put away leftovers and do the dishes, saying, “I’ll finish this lunch project now–with a heart full of gratefulness, taste buds dancing in my mouth, and a full tummy.” (I took a minute to jot it down!) This is just one snapshot of this man who has been a role model of gratefulness during our marriage.

Gratitude doesn’t come quite as easily for me, but I’m practicing this year. That’s why it became my one little word. This Epiphany tree, which I put up on the day after the insurrection on January 6, continues to light up my house this June and probably will all year!

The painting of my one word Gratitude is there, as well, to remind me to say thank you–for an amazing husband, our 38th anniversary coming up, God who forgives me in my selfish sufficiency, health care providers, scientists, governments trying their best to solve a novel crisis with limited resources, my health and home, vaccinations, my fine black gel pen, a new president for the U.S., my blog and being able to write and record thoughts and feelings, Kindle books read and waiting to be read, healthy food, clean water, my daughters and their husbands, Jesus who makes life a joy, and so much more.


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11 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Thursday – Gratitude

  1. I’m so glad you joined us today. Love that bright tree! And all that you have gratitude for. I know it’s important to live in gratitude but putting it into practice is something else entirely. Your husband gets it.

  2. Denise, your husband’s words and actions speak volumes about his character. Congratulations on the many years of wedded bliss. I love the lit tree, the thoughts evoked, and the form you used. I would like to try that form. “Welcoming the flow of justice.” -such an important ending during this time period.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. That is an interesting form, where we used two different forms of the same word. I hope you’ll click on the link and see more about Joy’s prompt.

  3. Welcome to our community, Denise. I love that you jotted down husband’s words. I find myself doing that frequently with the grandsons’ fun proclamations. Congrats on 38 years with your sweetheart (our 39th is approaching). I’m grateful for all you shared with us today: your word, your epiphany tree, your poem.

    1. Thank you so much, Ramona. I’m glad you are jotting down the grandson’s quips. I always wanted to do that as a teacher, but mostly failed all these years!

  4. Denise, your OLW and your poetry stir the soul, deeply. A grateful heart is perhaps the most transformative thing there is – next to a forgiving one. I am especially moved by the image of sitting at the seashore chewing on the manna, implying provision and savoring. That Epiphany tree is a magnificent idea; so beautiful. Strikes me that it could be a daily reminder of my own OLW, “awe” – a visual reminder to look for it. Thank you for these gifts today – strength for the spirit, indeed.

  5. Your OLW is all encompassing, affecting your days, your life–even your marriage! I live in a state of gratitude is to live in peace, I think. After reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance” several years ago, I started keeping a gratitude journal, her one “requirement” from the book. Five things, every night, written down before I sleep. Sometimes it’s the banal–a washer and dryer that work well, unchipped nail polish–and sometimes the profound–my amazing husband and children, our health, good people doing good work. I sleep so much better after sitting in a state of gratitude for a few minutes. I hope it is bringing you peace, too.

    1. Chris, what a great idea to keep the gratitude journal with five things every night. I’m setting a journal on my bedside table tonight! I hope to build this routine, like you do.

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