#SOS Magic, No. 62 – Outside

This week’s Sharing Our Stories Magic prompt is “Outside.” This weekend I participated in The Poetry Marathon, and I decided to go outside awhile for one of my poems and see what poetry I found. This post was also inspired by Kate Messner and her #teacherswrite prompt for this week.


It’s an oven outside
The air mostly hot, still–
what you might expect
at noon near the summer
solstice on a desert island.
Onions are frying in ghee
for someone’s lunch,
making my mouth water.
I notice the oleander,
nature’s poison,
wondering again why they are
so widely used for landscaping
in family gardens here.

I wanted to sit and observe nature.
Shade was not to be found, though,
so I kept walking
and went to school
to pick up a letter of recommendation
our departing principal had readied for me.
I sat outside after, enjoying some welcome
shade–the first I had seen.
I read the letter. Along with a lot of
Denise’s there was also one Angela tucked in,
a stray from a previous letter, cut-and-pasted.
I returned it to the secretary. She’ll get it fixed.

The birds seemed to be enjoying the shade
of the frangipani tree
and delighting in the promise
of the fruit-laden palms.

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6 thoughts on “#SOS Magic, No. 62 – Outside

  1. I like how you used the exact name of the trees as it pushed me to learn these new names and even google to see more images. I like the unexpected connection between walking on without shade and the mindless cut-and-paste mistake on your letter. Nature – the greatest metaphor! I’m glad you added your blog post to the virtual book club so I could easily find this gem!

  2. Love the specific details and the gorgeous pictures. Days to notice like this are so good!

  3. I liked getting a glimpse of what the nature and weather are like at noon in June on a desert island. A bit of shade is welcome. The onions frying adds an interesting little detail. The wrong name in your letter was like a mosquito sting. Brush it off.

    1. Thanks, Terje. Good to see you here. I am looking forward to more in nature times, even though they are a little harder to find in this place.

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