Poetry Friday – What’s Not on My Résumé

It’s Friday, getting later, and time for another LaMiPoFri post today. I just finished creating a slide for a podcast I’m doing tomorrow with Tim Cavey @TeachersonFire, and it reminded me of a post Karen did back in July: “Things You, Karen, Didn’t Put on Your Résumé­”­­

This is my first year not starting out teaching full time. I’m feeling a bit lost, as the children are coming back to school on Sunday. I won’t be there, but I’m still a teacher.

Anyway, I wondered if there were things that I didn’t add to this slide, things I’ve never put on my résumé, that I could write about today. I used Karen’s poem as a mentor text.

Things You, Denise, Didn’t Put on Your Résumé­­­
­­­–that you were an aunt at the age of seven, and you have had a fierce love for all children ever since
–that you traveled from southern California to Alaska and back for six weeks on a few hundred dollars and the hospitality of a lot of friends
–that you love to read maps and have noted that the port wine birthmark over your left eye is shaped like Australia
–that you are a lover of fresh fruits and you never tire of shopping for, squeezing, sniffing, and eating fruits from around the world
–that you are a recovering collector, and you are having modest success at dismantling the lie that more is always better
–that you enjoy reading, writing and listening so much more than speaking
–that you can brew a delicious karak tea, bake exceptional chocolate chip cookies, and juggle leftovers to avoid waste
–that after all these years, you still respond in situations how you think others want you to instead of taking the risk to be honest
–and, of course, that you are beloved, a walking mercy, and you are thankful every day for the gifts given to you

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15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – What’s Not on My Résumé

  1. This is an inspirational post for me, Denise! We are all those things that we “forget” to list or intentionally leave off our resumes. It reminded me of something I might have to write about (sorry for the ambiguity). So, on another note, I’ve been holding off sending you my second batch of poems – due to thinking you were back at school and not wanting to infringe on your goodwill or time. When do you head back? Are you still interested in reading more for me?

    1. Carol, I’m glad I inspired you to write! I am definitely open to beta reading more of your poems. I won’t be going back to school full time this year. Just doing some volunteer screening and tutoring part time.

  2. Denise, thanks for filling me in on your likes that don’t appear on a resume. You are a recovering collector and I am a collector of antiques. For my new life, I paired down my collection quite a bit to mix in a flavor of the past with the present. To me the most important point is that you are full of gratitude for the gifts you have been given.

  3. I’m sorry we don’t live near each other — I would love to have tea and cookies with you 🙂

  4. I love this poem…what a wonderful post. We are so much more than our jobs. But, so many of us put everything we have into our jobs that when it’s time to retire or cut back it’s a bit like being lost. The affirmation of this poem is wonderful. I would love to see a HS class that is practicing resume writing…write one of these as well. You make me want to give this a try. Thank you!

  5. Fabulous post, Denise. (And yay, I am SO GLAD the LaMiPoFri is still getting traction!) Your Resume poem is wonderful. I was particularly thrilled by your map stanza, because,🦘🇦🇺. (🙃) And your final stanza is such a beautiful summation.

  6. Oh, this is lovely! And what a fun form to try. I’m feeling inspired. Thanks, Denise!

  7. What a fun list poem! This PF roundup has had several…all different!

  8. That’s lovely, Denise! I like a good list poem, too. I’ll have to try some karak tea.

  9. Perhaps you’ve shown us all a way to like ourselves that’s better than looking at a resume? Wouldn’t it be lovely to turn this in for a job application instead of all the educational attainments, job history, etc.? I love hearing your special things “that don’t appear on a resume”, Denise.

  10. I love the honesty in this post “that after all these years, you still respond in situations how you think others want you to instead of taking the risk to be honest” as well as your gentle love of your self. What a wonderful writing idea! I like your slide, too. I haven’t made a Bitmoji of myself yet.

  11. What a wonderful topic for a poem! I love the title – a reminder that we are so much more than the achievements that the world prioritizes. I love your list – you’re inspiring me (as you so often do!) to try a poem in this style.

  12. So much goodness, Denise, on your resume and off! I became an aunt young (at 13) but not as young as you! But I think that is why I have that same fierce love for kids, too. 🙂

  13. Self-gazing, self-truth, self-acknowledgement!
    –that you are a recovering collector, and you are having modest success at dismantling the lie that more is always better
    A good exercise! I hope your first year doing something different has the feel of opening rather than closing possibilities. Good luck with your podcast!

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