I Learned, Didn’t I?

Today’s Slice of Life at TwoWritingTeachers.org, 9 November 2021.

You knew a few letters last year; the only one you said with loud confidence was the initial letter of your first name. I wondered what had prevented you from learning your English sounds and letters during your first two and a half years of school. How clever and smart you were, noticing patterns in the words on the test, and sharing your interest in life and all the little happenings around you. However, you weren’t able to do the activities I asked you to read and respond to. You were distracted and took a bathroom break during the screening.

Today I saw you again, and you have made such prodigious progress. You know your letters now, spouted the sounds in the phonemic awareness screening, read nonsense words, and even a few sight words.  I told you how proud I was of the progress you have made in the last few months. “I learned, didn’t I?” you said.

marvel of learning
your hard work is paying off
yes, indeed, you did

5 thoughts on “I Learned, Didn’t I?

  1. One of the best things about teaching is seeing the tangible learning. Bravo to this student and the love of their learning you share. Warms my heart!

  2. The continuous cycle of learning …..why we do what we do! You Are an inspiration!

  3. This reflection/question is absolutely precious: “I learned, didn’t I?” What a gift to witness this, to instigate the learning! Fabulous, Denise; I hope you are still beaming.

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