Poetry Friday – Thankful

Thankful today for the verdict of this week, but there is work to be done.

Racialized violence–
Time to end this grip on hate
True justice can come
When people like Ahmaud can
Move through the world peacefully

~A found tanka by ACLU’s Instagram post

Today’s round up is by Ruth at There is No Such Thing as a God-forsaken Town.  What a treasure chest of poetry goodness she has given us today. Do stop by!

9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Thankful

  1. I, too, was moved by the verdict. Such a meaningful tanka. I hope the future continues to bring hope.

  2. Little more need be said, except we need to repeat and repeat. Well done!

  3. Denise, your poem resonates strongly. This horrendous event echoed all round the world. It defied logical comprehension, and this crime of hate reminds us that there is quite some way to go. It is when we raise our voices (like you have here) and call out such despicable acts, that we begin to expose and challenge the dysfunctional thinking and attitudes held by an ignorant minority.

  4. It is such a confronting thing when you realise the perpetual fear that good people live with! I hadn’t realised until Emmanuel Acho’s ‘Conversations with a Black Man’. đŸ’” People need to be intentional in their kindness. And less hasty to judge. (And secure firearms!) And that is just the start.

  5. Yes, powerful and succinct, thanks Denise, and yes to more work ahead too!

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